Friday, June 20, 2008

The map of a place.

Here is what I do when I get bored and don't have a game to play. I make fake maps.
Green = extremely dense forest, people don't come back.
Grey = mountains.
Light Grey = roads.
Cyan = borders
Blue = river
Dark blue = ocean
Bright red = occupied territories
Dark red = battle sites.
Black square dots = towns
Black lines mark the edges of the 'rift' a geographical feature much like the grand canyon, but slightly bigger.

A brief history. The south most battle was won by the defending country(the one with all the towns). It had been recently invaded by the country to the far North West due to a dispute over fishing rights. The defending country has possibly the most advanced navy in their world, and basically picked a fight. The invading country has a HUGE standing army and was in countering little to no resistance as the invasion was really rather unexpected. The defending country expected to be paid off, their lands north of the rift are not very valuable and they can always destroy the rift bridge and then with their navy they are extremely safe. However the invasion would have successfully crossed the bridge if that last battle had not been won. The invasion caused a huge amount of panic and chaos and no one at the bridge had the authority to order the destruction of the bridge. Or if they had the authority they were too busy panicking.

A rather small mercenary company held the invading army back long enough for the local garrisons to get organized and fight that last battle. The merc company basically stop-gapped a pass. It would have been a heroic 300 like battle but.... really it was all done by an ice dragon. So the heroics weren't quite as heroic as that and the 'good guys' didn't all die.

Still the holding action was quite admrable and everyone involved got awards, medals, new limbs, and aching holes in their hearts from watching friends die. And the warm pleasant feeling you get when you know you saved a city from being brutally wiped out.

Shortly after the battle the main defending army crossed the rift, effectively ending the invasion and peace talks began.

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waupeople said...

and on the tiny island to the north gramma orc was busy baking pies n cookies for her precious no, no, no,erase that... was busy slicing apples and oranges for her precious orclette to munch on while they waited for her courageous parents to return ... sigh ... all stories must have nice endings ;)