Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The importance of being Easy.


I figured I'd throw in my two cents.

We try to work together. No solo pulls, no needless blame, no fleeing when it looks bad. Waiting for the tank to mark the mobs and following directions 85% of grouping is working together. The other 15% is me ;P.


Seriously stop beating me.

Yes I know I'm like the worst person on our team, geez, I party with superawesomestarpeople...I need a little ego stroking when I can get it.

NO not that ego.

We're group specc'ed. Like others have said, we aren't specced for soloing. Green doesn't have an Enh Shaman or a Combat rogue, even if we do have a BM hunter, Shadow Priest, and a feral druid.

Its not the gear. I'm still wearing a lot of greens and some Wailing cavern junk. And I use the leftover level 5 potions from the guild vault.

Its not the CC. Because green rarely gets to use it because their idiot tank emulates Thrall and face pulls junk before people are ready. He marks ice traps and then breaks them. He asks for saps and then find out that FF pulls agro... before the rogue gets to sap anyone.

Oh and its not because we're super genious raiders. 4/6 of us have never done kara(not sure about Kitzen, and Meep raids BT when we're not playing). I wasn't joking about our tanking being junky. 95% of the time Kitzen, Wulfa, and Abuto are really tanking while I apply bear DPS to the mobs backside. We have a shaman healing(no brain heal yet cus he's a lozer).

Its entirely because we're willing to overcome our weaknesses(no freaking out about how horribly sucky the healer is:P). We're willing to get up and try again if we wipe(like that ever happens... the words "pox" make you invincible). We're patient enough to listen to and follow directions(even if the player speaking doesn't). Teamwork is all you need.

Because sheesh...its not like any instance under 40 could be called 'hard'. We try to 8 pull consistantly just so we don't get bored.

NO it wasn't my fault that I moonfired the guy in the back.... that was...*cough* the plan.


Nasirah said...

The word Pox really DOES make you invincible!

Chris said...

Sounds like you guys are having a ton of fun.

Dammerung said...

We are we are. Not too many challenges so far.

Well SM:Library was slow and wiped us at level 28-29.