Friday, November 19, 2010

It ends with Book losing his bookend and Jess chasing skirts...

[21:24:20][G] [J1:80]: grats again you nuts

[21:24:22][G] [J2:80]: best part

[21:24:24][G] [J1:80]: brb AFK

[21:24:25][G] [J2:80]: you won't even know it's me

[21:24:36][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol

[21:24:55][G] [Dampanza:80]: *sigh* this take so long(skinning)

[21:25:11][G] [B1:80]: FLY around with your new bird self, FFS.

[21:25:13][G] [B1:80]: Whiner.

[21:25:14][G] [Dampanza:80]: can't

[21:25:27][G] [Dampanza:80]: skinning level 61

[21:25:28][G] [B1:80]: Oh, right. Noted.

[21:25:30][G] [B1:80]: Enjoy.

[21:25:31][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol you're taking the words out of my mouth

[21:25:32][G] [J2:80]: muahahaha

[21:25:41][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: love you Damm.

[21:26:03][G] [B1:80]: I love all my mates. But it's the best to take the piss out on them.

[21:26:29][G] [Dampanza:80]: nah on them isn't as effective as in their cheerios

[21:26:50][G] [B1:80]: True--but that is just gross.

[21:26:53][G] [J2:80]: you love pissing on your mates?

[21:26:54][G] [J2:80]: dude

[21:27:03][G] [B1:80]: LEARN THE MEANING.

[21:27:37][G] [B1:80]: "pissing on" is much, much different than "taking the piss out"

[21:28:01][G] [B2:80]: (B2): The latter sounds even less sanitary

[21:28:03][G] [Dampanza:80]: bah why bother learning.... just pretend they are the same things

[21:28:15][G] [Dampanza:80]: he wants to take the piss out of his mates

[21:28:18][G] [Dampanza:80]: see!

[21:28:57][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: I'm still having issues with the cheerios thing ... bad mental picture

[21:30:35][G] [B1:80]: Have Frosted Flakes instead, much more sugary.

[21:30:54][G] [Dampanza:80]: white stuff in your pee means cholera

[21:31:05][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol if I did my kids would want some and then we'd be knee-high in sugar rushes

[21:31:22][G] [Dampanza:80]: speaking of sugar.. afk snickerdoodle icecream

[21:31:29][G] [J2:80]: that's... good to know damp

[21:31:39][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: I'm not related to him.

[21:32:00][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: :)

[21:32:06][G] [J1:80]: I always knew that

[21:32:08][G] [B1:80]: No, no you're not.

[21:32:17][G] [B1:80]: If you were...I'd worry.

[21:32:31][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol

[21:32:39][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: well, his ancestors are from Arkansas ...

[21:32:41][G] [J2:80]: worse, you chose him

[21:32:53][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol I'll pass that along:)

[21:32:54][G] [J2:80]: :-|

[21:33:00][G] [B1:80]:

[21:33:26][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: if anyone is from Arkansas it's quite a lovely area of the country

[21:33:40][G] [B1:80]: Yes.
[21:33:56][G] [J2:80]: you saw a butterfly

[21:33:59][G] [J1:80]: it does not mean cholera it means drink more water:P

[21:34:08][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: hehe

[21:34:17][G] [B1:80]: Water is lame.

[21:34:20][G] [J1:80]: *makes note never scroll back*

[21:34:43][G] [J1:80]: Ugh I thought so too, then I got my system used to drinking enough

[21:34:56][G] [J1:80]: now if I don't drink hurts

[21:35:07][G] [J1:80]: grats again

[21:35:10][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: congrats to all once again

[21:35:14][G] [B1:80]: I have you covered J1. In theory.

[21:35:15][G] [Dampanza:80]: I've been told... that if you drink enough food coloring... before a drug test...

[21:35:21][G] [K:80][F]: thanks

[21:35:24][G] [Dampanza:80]: you can pick your color of results :P

[21:35:27][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: ack

[21:35:38][G] [J1:80]: lol

[21:36:22][G] [B1:80]: CrazyGradGirl is in the living room again. I made dinner again...but I am nearing my limit.

[21:36:59][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: so today our daughter was watching Damm play Call of Duty and suddenly bursts out with "Yay killing!"

[21:37:23][G] [B1:80]: I will begin producing children in the hopes they meet.

[21:37:47][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: not sure CrazyGradGirl would be in the mood if she's banished you to the kitchen.

[21:38:11][G] [B1:80]: CGG sleeps a lot...

[21:38:21][G] [Dampanza:80]: thats just WRONG

[21:38:35][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: dude you'd be sleeping on the couch for years to come

[21:38:37][G] [B1:80]: Not when you're married?! Right?!

[21:38:45][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: hahahahahahahahaha

[21:39:04][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: when are her finals?

[21:39:04][G] [B1:80]: Good God. Are you kidding? I know what is going on. I'd be dead before thinking that.

[21:39:20][G] [Dampanza:80]: before thinking about finals?

[21:39:32][G] [B1:80]: I don't think about Finals. I eliminated them.

[21:39:37][G] [J2:80]: I'm so lost in guild chat

[21:39:40][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol

[21:39:44][G] [J2:80]: bookley's having kids

[21:39:50][G] [B1:80]: Hers are around the 15th of Dec. or so Wulfa.

[21:39:55][G] [J2:80]: dammy's sleeping on the couch?

[21:39:55][G] [B1:80]: No--I am not.

[21:40:02][G] [K:80]: lol

[21:40:03][G] [Dampanza:80]: possibly

[21:40:09][G] [B1:80]: I would--if they could meet Dammy/Wulfa's kids and play CoD.

[21:40:10][G] [J2:80]: and J1 punched a general?

[21:40:12][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: ouch that's a ways to go

[21:40:32][G] [J2:80]: or seduced

[21:40:34][G] [Dampanza:80]: no J1 is paying a general 100$ a quarter for grades

[21:40:40][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: hehe my daughter is going to lead any boy quite a song and dance.

[21:41:08][G] [B1:80]: I kinda want daughters. *IF we do the kid thing.

[21:41:09][G] [J1:80]: hey hey what wait!!

[21:41:28][G] [J1:80]: I do NOT sleep with a GENERAL my man WORKS for a living

[21:41:36][G] [Dampanza:80]: *cough*

[21:41:38][G] [B1:80]:

[21:41:38][G] [Dampanza:80]: ouch

[21:41:42][G] [J1:80]: *runs*

[21:41:44][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: it's got a tough entrance examination ... but once you pass it it's great

[21:41:53][G] [B1:80]: Now I'm* lost.

[21:41:55][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol J1

[21:41:59][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: kids

[21:42:05][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: you have to give birth ...

[21:42:09][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: entrance exam!

[21:42:18][G] [Dampanza:80]: hey I'M learning how to tell working guys "yeah thats good sarge lets do that"

[21:42:21][G] [J1:80]: finals = birth

[21:42:21][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: I'm way to immersed in school, aren't I?

[21:42:49][G] [B1:80]: Good God. Ok. No worries. No kids. I will not reproduce.

[21:42:56][G] [Dampanza:80]: nah kids are FUN

[21:43:08][G] [J1:80]: thats the part that cracks me up, it's the enlisted that tell the officers what works, THEN the officers say "hey go do this!"

[21:43:14][G] [B1:80]: Yeah, YOUR kids are...but these guys know me. It's a bad idea.

[21:43:16][G] [Dampanza:80]: they stick their hands deep into their diaper and THEN into your mouth to wake you up

[21:43:26][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: and hit you over the head

[21:43:40][G] [Dampanza:80]: and rack you

[21:43:47][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: and pull your shirt down

[21:43:49][G] [Dampanza:80]: and pee in your pillow

[21:44:03][G] [B1:80]: Sounds awesome. Can you get clipped online?

[21:44:10][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: lol

[21:44:17][G] [Dampanza:80]: I could mail you scissors

[21:44:22][G] [B1:80]: I have some.

[21:44:29][G] [J1:80]: rubber bands

[21:44:39][G] [J1:80]: you know how the castrate bulls right?

[21:44:42][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: hehe

[21:44:51][G] [Dampanza:80]: cool... take a big long swig of your choice.... tighten a few rubber bands on...and CHOP go the scissors.

[21:44:56][G] [B1:80]: Well...sometimes J1. We just cut 'em.

[21:45:06][G] [Dampanza:80]: just make sure they aren't child safety....because you'll have to saw a bit

[21:45:13][G] [J1:80]: you take all the fun out of my life bookend

[21:45:18][G] [B1:80]: My teeth just grit.

[21:45:24][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: rofl

[21:45:31][G] [B1:80]: BOOKEND?!?

[21:45:38][G] [B1:80]: If you tell Ruune that, I'll stab you.

[21:45:40][G] [J1:80]: *looks innocent* wha?

[21:45:55][G] [Dampanza:80]: you can't bee bookend... you are chopping bookend off....

[21:46:00][G] [J1:80]: rofls

[21:46:04][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: hehe

[21:46:09][G] [B1:80]: Hate. AoE hate.

[21:46:20][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: I bet Ruune would love a pair of bookends for Christmas ...

[21:46:20][G] [J1:80]: *scratches the ears*

[21:46:55][G] [B1:80]: The worst part is my wife and Ruune are BFFs now.

[21:46:59][G] [J1:80]: I realize...I have no idea how college works

[21:47:04][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: haha that's awesome

[21:47:14][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: College: old dudes and dudettes talking

[21:47:16][G] [J1:80]: I start spring semester, but classes end in may...then what?

[21:47:17][G] [B1:80]: You get drunk, go to class, chase girls, get drunk--write a paper. Go.

[21:47:34][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: I don't think J1 wants to be chasing girls ...

[21:47:36][G] [B1:80]: Oh--sorry--that's Saturday.

[21:47:41][G] [J1:80]: uhh yeah no:P

[21:47:48][G] [K:80][F]: if she does i want to see a paper on it

[21:47:54][G] [J1:80]: you would

[21:47:56][G] [J1:80]: :P

[21:47:56][G] [B1:80]: HA

[21:48:02][G] [Beowulfa:74][Wulfa]: hehe

[21:48:05][G] [J1:80]: blog posts count?

[21:48:07][G] [B1:80]: No.

[21:48:11][G] [J1:80]: dammit

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