Wednesday, November 17, 2010


That would be me. I'm easy to scam, which is funny because I'm suspicious by nature and you'd think I'd see through scams. But no, I don't, and I'm pretty sure I got scammed by someone calling themselves Facebook.

See, my account got locked, and they said I needed to send in a photo ID to verify my identity. I thought at the time that I was at the actual Facebook site, but now I look back at it I'm not sure. Did I go through the fishy message I received? I can't remember, and that's got me worried.

So Damm will be calling our lawyer group to see what we might need to do. He can't think of ways one could use a Driver's License, but I can-see, that suspicious nature. That does me absolutely no good when confronting an actual scam.

I should just stop using the Internet. It is evil. Evil evil evil.

Now I understand all those old people who refuse to use the internet. It's just too easy to accidentally give away vital information. And if you know that you're easily susceptible that's even more reason to stay far, far away.

Or just be more careful. Take Internet safety classes.

I still feel sick from this. Bah.


bo-breaze said...

Your the second person i have heard of having this happen to them. I advised the other person not to give them a copy of her ID. Not sure what is up with it or how them having your ID would be detramental but its certanly not good. Best of luck to you on resolving the issue.

Beowulfa said...

I think we have-we followed all the steps you're supposed to take when your identity gets stolen. Not sure how they could use my ID either but it's best to be safe. And thanks:)

MamaWau said...

Did you get this message?

We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced. Your account was disabled in error. Your account has been reactivated and you will now be able to log in.

Thanks for your understanding,

The Facebook Team

Larry thinks that they're selling information and it's just a new gimk-y way to do it.

Cap'n John said...

Several years ago while doing my Christmas shopping at the local Mall I left my credit card at one of the stores. I went back and got it within half an hour (when I tried to make my next purchase and discovered it missing), but while he had my card the clerk at that store rang up a $50 purchase against it. He then removed $50 cash from the till thinking it would balance out, but it doesn't. Cash & credit transactions are recorded differently, and the Manager spotted the difference when he balanced the till drawers that evening.

A few days later, when I noticed the second transaction from that store on our card, I returned to the store and spoke to the Manager. He credited the $50 back to me, but I don't know if he deducted it from the clerk's final paycheck. Yes, final paycheck. For the sake of $50 some idiot kid got himself fired just days before Christmas.

Wulfa said...

@Cap'n John: Ha ha that's horrible. Sometimes people have no long-term vision ...