Monday, June 2, 2008

A Marathon. Of Epic Proportions. In WOW.

The Gist of the Thing.
I completed a marathon session of World of Warcrafting and got Wulfa from being barely lvl 63 with no rested xp to lvl 64 all in one day.

A Disclaimer.
I am not a gamer. I have never done all-nighters buoyed by cases of Dr. Pepper and Doritos, like my hubby and his brothers. 2 hours is pretty much my limit unless I'm partying. So even if you saw what I called a "marathon" and scoffed because you do that everyday, to me it was still a HUGE deal.

Why Would Someone Run a Marathon?
So in RL I've run 2 marathons, 2 halfs, and numerous smaller distances. I became a runner the day my mother chased me around the soccer field because I ran 10 steps and then quit because it was too hard. Since then I've always had some sort of physical challenge looming before me, from playing 5 full-length soccer games and stopping the bruise-counting at 20 because it was too depressing, to winning my age category in my first half marathon, to giving birth to Orclette. I do it because I can. I do it because I'm one of the few (although that number is growing) who can say "I've run 26.2 miles." I do it to push myself to the limit. I do it for the post-race meal of the largest bacon cheeseburger man can make, steak fries with ranch dressing, and a really large Dairy Queen Blizzard. So, why did I do the WOW marathon? Because I wanted to push myself. Because I could. Because I have a sugar daddy who keeps on finding me all this cool gear that I really want to wear (you know who you are! and I am ever so grateful =).

The Beginning, which is when you ask yourself why, why, why am I doing this?
I got maybe 1 hour into playtime and was ready to take a break, but I had set a 150,000xp goal for myself and was determined to reach it. So I pushed on. In RL, I would've cranked up the volume on my ipod (did you know that some races are banning ipods and the like? That's just criminal) and imagined myself back in olden days wielding my sword against the barbaric invaders and winning the day for my side. In WOW I wielded my crossbow and axe and began to settle into a nice killing rhythm.

The Midde, which is not too bad, all things considered.
The middle part of the marathon is always the easiest for me. You're warmed up, you don't have 26.2 miles looming ahead of you, and you're not yet tired. In WOW I had almost 300,000 xp with 350K left to go, I had several quests lined up, I was ready.

And then THE WALL.
Around mile 18-20 something called THE WALL hits you. And then hits you again. And then again, leaving you bloodied and questioning your sanity because you keep on running into it. Dammy kindly consented to put the Orclette to bed because if I had tried I would've fallen asleep with her. I was in Terokkar, finishing quests as fast as I could, steadily getting more tired and more frustrated because the stupid things wouldn't die as fast as I wanted them too. And then I see the question mark not too far away, so I run over to it thinking I had finished a quest I didn't know about. There was nothing there. And then I remembered that there was an underground area nearby, the inhabitants of which had recently killed me. I didn't want to go back in there. But it was xp. And I needed more xp. So I headed on in, killing all in my way, even the respawns which seemed to pop back up the minute I thought the area was cleared. Got to where the question mark was, realized I had to trigger a quest item first, watched the sparklies go up into the air. My job was to defend the big tree dude against all comers. I did fine with the first wave, but the second wave combined with respawns nearly got me. It got my kitty, but I feigned death and they believed me. And I cried. I don't normally cry. Didn't cry at my wedding, didn't cry when Orclette finally was born, didn't cry when 911 happened and my mom told me that my grandparents had been flying that day and she couldn't remember what plane it was. But this made me cry. So I asked for help (there having been a previous guild discussion wherein I was told that if I needed help to not hesitate). And BBB and Doodle came to my rescue. In my fatigued and frustrated state it was like the cavalry had arrived with blazing trumpets and flying banners (remember how tired I was at this point. I don't normally see things this way, although it was awesome they were coming to help out). They cleared everything while I watched ("Wulfa! You can shoot things, you know!" "But BBB said he liked to kill everything!"). Once the quest was done I thanked both of them. And BBB said something along the lines of "np, that's what friends are for."

I lost it. I completely lost it. He called me his friend! Waterworld the movie had nothing on me at this point.

When you have killed THE WALL.
So after that the wall broke and I was good to go for the last bit of the race. Finished a few more quests, turned 'em in, and watched the light flash around me. Lvl 64!

The Post-Race Chow-Down
This is where I equipped all my new finery, and it really was very pretty, very feminine armor. And they had my favorite stats: agility and intellect. And I trained Aspect of the Wiper which I absolutely LOVE. I don't carry around massive amounts of Draeneic Water anymore!

And the well-deserved rest.
And that is where I fell asleep the moment my head touched the pillow.

And this is where Orclette is tugging on your jeans and crying and you realize you have to stop typing and see what she needs/wants.


Rabbit Stew said...

wow wulfa, I *felt* that marathon. Way to battle on. And congratulations on crossing the finish line.

Anonymous said...

***hugs x 10 million***


gt said...

Woah. Hardcore! Outland leveling is slooow. Super grats :D

I have recently taken up running... I like the After The Run bit too. :D Mm

Beowulfa said...

@DEAD: thanks! That's one of the best compliments I've ever gotten!

@Doodle: ***hugs x 20 million***

@gt: have you heard this question posed before? "Do you eat to run, or run to eat?" My answer would probably be the latter ....

Slabb said...

I can totally see where you are coming from. I stayed at 68 1/2 for like 3 weeks. couldn't get the motivation to finish. But with "Eye of the Tiger" in my head, and a full day off with no distractions, I managed to hit 70 at midnight. Mind you, I was all rested for that as well