Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ahem. I have an announcement.

When I absolutely have to I can make my point very succinctly. But I'm a chatty-kathy and this is my blog so you're going to hear the long, round-about explanation of my announcement.

I've always had a bathroom scale. I like to weigh myself everyday. And when I got married I was around 135 pds. Got pregnant and was paranoid about every pound gained and freaking out that I would never be my regular size again. I needn't have worried since I dropped 30 pounds in the first 2 weeks. But I've not fit into the same size clothing because as you moms out there know the scale might say good things but your butt just doesn't fit into your jeans. So I've been recording my weight again (I stopped during pregnancy because it was just too painful) and the weight has been slowly coming off. Then Dammy decided he wanted to lose a few pounds since he gained the "I just got married" poundage and "my wife is eating for 2 and I am too!" poundage. BTW, he's losing weight faster than me. Mutter. Soooo, the scale says 132 now. It's going to have to drop to 130 because I don't like 132. It's not divisible by 5. And my jeans have been way too loose for a while now, but we've been spending our money on other things and I haven't gotten around to buying a new pair. But today they were really, really bugging me so Orclette and I went shopping. Pre-baby I fit into 10-petite, 8-regular. Today (drum roll):

SIZE 8-PETITE!!!!!!!!!!!!

That just totally makes my day. Not because it means I'm thinner. I'm only losing weight because I run a lot faster when I'm thinner and I want to improve my 1/2 marathon time (Read: kick butt!) and qualify for the Boston (Read: BEAT EVERYBODY INTO OBLIVION). No, I'm psyched because I finally am a size-8 in both petite and regular jeans. The discrepancy was irking. Now everything is symmetrical (yes, I'm slightly OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, for those of you who have trouble with acronyms). And there is a tiny part of me that is jumping up and down because I'm thinner than when I got married.

And that was my announcement.


Leiandra said...

Okay, I have to laugh a little. But with all sincerity, congratulations. I know my wife gets super excited when jeans start to fit again after the kids. And pre-wedding? Yeah, that's really a congratulations.

Daxenos said...

Gratz on being a loser!


Now those new "Leet pants of the Hottie" fit perfectly! haha.

Barona said...

Hooray! Good job.

And don't worry about hubby losing weight faster. Numerous studies have shown men naturally do so faster than women. Mrs. Bar refuses to diet with me for just this reason.

Softi said...

Gratz Wulfa!! :D

klaki said...

Huge Congo Rats! Dammy better watch out for those pants have +25 Hotness. He better carry his "Get off my wife" stick! I carry mine where ever I go :)