Friday, June 6, 2008

An Update of a Cluttered Mind.

So many projects so little time.

My little hunter now has 249 agi unbuffed and the survival instant cast sleep. I love that spell, 12 seconds of lemme alone followed by a nice 300 poison.

My Earthen Triad Shaman is 61 and is rocking the house.

My level 20 Sidhe Devils Shaman is level 20 and driving me batty. She's getting parked.

My Pox Arcanum Druid is level 28 and starting to be awesome. Awesome. Just Awesome. The FPS change of actually getting a video card(Radeon 9200 128mb) has been huge.

My level 8? 9? Sidhe Devils Mage for pvp purposes is stalled. Just not enough time to play her.

My level 40? 42? Orc Warlock is on a pvp server and looks UGLY.

Most of my projects are me trying to find a toon I -like- playing on alliance side. The hunter levels crazy fast and kills things but fights are 90% autoshot for me because even with just auto shot I can pull hate right off my cat. I crit a seems like way more than 20% and my crits cause my damage to go from 80ish to 200ish.

The SD shaman was inspired by my post a few weeks ago about wanting to be 'told' what to play. Well it turns out that I dislike leveling shaman. I keep wanting my lightning bolts to slow mobs or hold mobs and I want an AOE lightning cast that traps mobs for a few seconds so I can run away and blast again.....basicly I want my Ele shaman to play like an ice mage. I want my Enh shaman to play like a rogue and I want my Resto shaman to automatically be level 70.(on alliance side... I -like- my Orc Shaman). So she's getting parked for a bit while I try something else.

BBB's post about his newest project made me want to rip my warlock out of retirement but he's horde and pvp. And I'm wanting something alliance. So far on alliance side I've crossed off hunter, warrior, paladin, shaman. My level magelet I might try tonight. Or a rogue. A nice combat rogue.

But *right now* what I'm most tempted and scared of trying is a druid. You see the only druid I ever played past 12 is Trif my pox druid. Now I -love- trif....because he's a fun tank. But I'm not sure I'd love druid solo. And I'd be tempted to do something silly and level resto...leveling as the wrong spec makes sadness. But maybe I could dual druid with wulfa once she gets her hunter to 70 and all.

Silly me.

Me and wulfa have this conversation (with the character names rotated) on a daily basis. She smiles and nods and doesn't believe a word I say. Her reason is: "You are just going to change your mind". My thought is well.... but my comments are true at the time. *Right now* I'd rather not ever play my alliance shaman ever again. *Right now* I think my hunter is boring. *Right now* I'm incredibly tempted by druid and warlock(druid mostly).

Who knows.

The only consistant toon I have ever done was my Orc Shaman. And he only leveled because I was under very strict orders not to play -anything- else. I may need to do this again. Unfortunately I cannot drop down to -just- one toon. Pox needs their tank, and I'm enjoying both ET and SD. Still I think I should clear off my alts on Kael'thas and pick a class and give Wulfa directives to not let me level -anything- else on that server, or else.

TJ has awesome stickers. But no headband. And I have a THEORY. You see several major interweb spiders are trying out this new thing where they slow down major interweb flies right? So they saw the TJ fly and said AHA yer getting a little big for your britches so BOOM yer gonna be slow. But the CIA also saw that she was ordering ANBU masks and ninja toys and said "OH NOES" she's setting up a secret ANBU ninja clan we need to slap her down! So they forced the INTERWEB spiders to slow down not just her BUT ALSO ALL OF HER ORDERS!. So her stickers took 6 months and her headbands -still- haven't come even though they are "being processed". Whose fault is this? This is your fault interweb. With out all you readers making her into a BIG fly she would be a starving little small fly and wouldn't be under the Spider CIA investigation for being a Ninja ANBU fly.

Sad how the real world works isn't it.

Well thats all for today folks.


Ailtia said...

WE are watching YOUZ!

"Ninja ANBU fly" LOL nice class and Race

on to the issue...make a Gnome Warlock. They ROCK! only 1 little issue LOS.

YOu make the Gnome I will make a gnome all gnome leveling group. Munchkin Devil!

Beowulfa said...

Well I do have a gnome mage I want to eventually lvl up ....

TJ said...

That is an extremely... interesting... theory.

Dammerung said...

uhm TJ... Amazingly smart isn't spelled i.n.t.e.r.e.s.t.i.n.g. It has more A's and less E's.