Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ID cards

I now am the proud owner of the ugliest photo of me ever. PFC Dammerung couldn't decide if he was going to smile or make the serious face. So now he looks like he's got something wrong in his gut.

Today's Run = 1m 12:51 2m total: 27:24 Very glad to see the overall time down to my lowest yet.

School doesn't disburse loans until monday. So no new apartment until then. Boo.

Shroomage needs to talk to Wulfa about her address next time she see's Wulfa on. Wulfa can explain.

School starts Jan 14th. Have I said that already? Prolly not. Anyways we're starting to get -really- excited. Next week we have all sorts of crazy things to get done.

I'm not in the military's arcane matrix yet so no drill this weekend. My first one should be next month. Not like its a real drill until basic... but still.

Oh...and looks like the Army is going to dress blues. The pictures I saw looks fairly nice.

Well, I think thats everything for today. Hope everyone had a Happy Christmas and New Years. Hope Babybarr isn't sick anymore.

Oh almost forgot... tomorrow is the College Football National Championship... ie: most important football game of the year. Who are you cheering for?


Anonymous said...

Just catching up on my blog reading after the holidays: Congratulations on expecting your second, and good luck with your pursuit of a commission in the military. You are definitely taking the smarter option by going down the officer track, imho, because of the better pay and benefits.

It's good that you have started running, because when you get to the point that the Army is making you run it will be much better if it's no big thing for you than if you're dying from the terrible new experience - I was in ROTC in college and the running was the worst part imho.

Good luck!


Pixelated Executioner said...

At least your photo isn't like my old driver's license photo. Looked like I was either half-asleep or stoned out of my mind.

Best of luck with your military career - it's actually a pretty smart move these days, with the economy being as bad as it is.

As far as college football goes, though... is it bad that I don't care? ^_^

Barrhona said...

College Football... hmm... Go Texas?

Fine fine... Go Whoever is Playing OU!

Babybar, unfortunately, has RSV. As a premature baby (granted, he is 2 1/2 now) who has asthma, we have to check for it. The doctor did not think he needed his yearly vaccine this year, and ... blam.

Fortunately, he is past the contagious stage and really can continue his normal activities. As long as he gets his breathing treatments (which we had started up on our own recently anyway) and it does not develop into pneumonia, he will be fine. Just a little cranky sometimes.

He also needs his tonsils out, just like his daddy did at his age. That is probably a month or so away, but is an outpatient procedure and is fairly low risk these days.

Thanks for asking!