Monday, February 4, 2008


Bleh I got lazy and spent time with my wonderful awesome daughter and watched the superbowl with friends and actually did 'work' for my employer. I know, I know. Where are my priorities you ask? I have no excuses. Except for a beautiful woman I like to kiss and a cute gurglebutt I like to hug. Lame aint it ;P.

My horde characters are in no hurry to level. They enjoy doing what they do when they do it. But my little gnome feels very much the pressure to be older NOW. She wants to help her guild, she wants to feed littlebies gold and shinies and potions. Its all very intense.

Gamedame asked what I(us shamans) like about playing a shaman. And since my previous post slightly opted out of this I'm sticking this paragraph in here all crosswise. Most of what I like isn't usable in combat. I like fishing in the middle of a bay. I like ghostwolf at lower levels. I like the burst damage and how it makes you feel. I like the shiny orbs glowing around me. I like ressing people and ankhing myself. And I like having a 15 min timer on "teleport back to inn".

Guild pressure is a funny thing. I've never had it suggested to me that I level faster. I've never been told "You can't come you are too low level". But I feel it constantly. Mostly because I have this intense urge to HELP. And I can't.

I mostly want to help in financial ways. I don't like being tied up in a party or a raid. I like being able to log whenever I flippin feel like it. So how I would go about helping is making potions and helping people buy things. To me this is just as viable as helping someone complete a dungeon or a quest, me giving them gold/potions means they spend less time farming and more time doing the fun. But I wondered what you guys(Mr. Cricket, Mr. Dustbunny, and Mrs. Echo) thought of this?


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Gamedame and the coolest orc ever pointed me at this.


gamedame said...

Those are all good reasons, Dammy. I agree with you on every one of them. I used water walking to run back to Booty Bay across the bay for the fishing contest.

Arrens said...

Dammy, I completely feel you on the desire to log when you feel like it. I try to do the same with my guild. While I don't always have the time for even a 5-man instance in Outlands, I'm happy to help our lower-levels get a quick run through Deadmines or Stockades if I'm not too terribly busy.