Monday, January 28, 2008

Very long but at least its organized.

My "Secret" was going to be a level 30 disc priest that I was planning on unveiling in about a week or nine. Dammerung is still being played on Mon-Thursday, but Serayamuij is not. Muij took her place about 10 seconds after he hit level 5.

I have a few things I'm going to try and remember to touch on:

1) The party roles talk with Beowulfa.

2) Priests leveling up. My experiances and my goals.

3) Disc Talents. Unbreakable Will or Wand Specialization.

4) Disc Talents. What to take when you can't take everything.

Okay topic #1.

I know a little tiny itty bit about being a tank from reading blogs, and tanking in FFXI at one point. So when I heard about someone's Druid I decided I wanted to heal her and we were going to 'practice' tanking certain things much like you practice kiting or ice trapping as a hunter.

So I requested that she try to -always- pull 2-3 mobs at once, so she can practice tanking multiple mobs and I can practice my threat control. She said that sounded good and we can now easily take 3 same-level mobs. And one finaly request: Please get hurt more so I have some healing to do.

She had a few requests as well:

1) No going off exploring while the tank is tanking three mobs.

2) No Herbing while the tank is tanking multiple mobs.

3) No attacking a 4th mob and trying to solo it while the tank is tanking multiple mobs.

/sigh but number 3 was fun

I had always heard that priests were hard to get to 10. My experiance so far: Wow this is possibly the most fun I've had soloing ever. I never run out of mana, I almost never drop hps below 90%. I don't know if this will keep up forever but I think it will.

The key for me? Wands.

Cast Bubble
Cast Shadow Word pain
Cast renew
Start wanding mob to death.
Cast renew at the end of the fight.

Certainly from 5-11... you should be using the bloody wand. At level 5 with 11.3 dps the lesser magic wand is insane. I can't belive I missed it on my other casters. And for the most part what I see is that wands seem to keep up the awesome at least through 30. I'm not sure what will happen after that, and I expect them to be not awesome during end game but for now they own.

I'm going Disc because I've never seen any and the tree looks spiffy. But this brought up some questions: Wand Specialization or Unbreakable Will. The more I think about it the more I think that unless I"m soloing it should be UW every time. Now I mentioned wands above and yeah WS would rock if I'm soloing. But now that I've caught up with Wulfa I'm not.

SO I think I'm going to respec at 20 and drop WS and pickup UW.

Does anyone know of a nice cookie cutter Disc build for me to look at? And the reasoning behind it?

I came up with this for a healing PVE Disc Priest but I don't have the time to write out my reasoning and I would like to compare with the 'standard' ones.

Well thats all for this morning's Rabbit Trail.
Enjoy the day,

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Daxenos said...

A very nice spell rotation that's worked well for me soloing is:

First of all get to farthest range of Mind Blast, then:

Mind Blast
Shadow Word: Pain
Mind Flay (if shadow) or Smite
Power Word: Shield
Mind Blast (if shadow and you talented for it) or Smite
Wand until dead.

Usually, the SW:P had ticked its last just as the mob is ticking its last...heh...heh.

Also, if you need to reshield, consider throwing another Mind Blast at the mob, as you know you won't be interrupted.

Just as an aside, do yourself a favor and place your first 5 points in Spirit Tap. The mana regen is soooooo worth it.

Also, consider...uh, maybe I should just make a blog post...


Daxenos said...

/sigh. Sorry for the double post. If I'd only READ what I'm commenting on, I'd do a lot better.

Of course, you're not shadow, and I've been playing a sp for too long now.

Smite has a longer range than Mind Blast, so THAT should be your opening spell, followed by SW:P or Mind Blast. What I try to achieve is casting PW:shield just as the mob gets to me.

The upside is that I get the protection when I need it and no sooner, also, I may need only one per fight.

The downside is that darn Weakened Soul debuff for 15 seconds, and some fights require two PW:Shields anyways.

Playing a priest is a blast, so have fun!


Dammerung said...

My only problem with Smite and Mind Blast is that they cost so much mana.

I started off using them but after noticing that I eventually oom when I use them I removed smite entirely and only use Mind blast the first 3 out of 6 fights.

By only using wands/bubble/SW:P/renew I never have to stop and regen mana.

oh and yeah... I would have done Spirit Tap but I've sworn to myself that I'm leveling as Disc and Disc only until I get Pain Suppression.

Joel said...

I would STRONGLY recommend putting your first five talent points into Wand Specialization. As you've seen, wands are amazing for priests and the damage boost is a big help. For Holy or Discipline Priests, Wand Specialization is almost a must have right up into endgame. Spirit Tap is the other strong alternative, but that's more for shadow priests.

Unbreakable Will is basically for PvP.

Joel said...

Just so you know, I'm coming from having leveled a holy priest to level cap (twice so far) with my wife's mage. Compared to a mage, a priest's damage is pitiful but that extra boost to wands helps a lot. Given that you're a healer running with a tank (also not generally known for DPS), any boost to your team's damage is great.

From what I understand, right now a mostly Discipline priest is for PvP healing, while a Holy/Disc priest is for PvE healing. WoWWiki has links to a lot of priest builds.

Og said...

Wands are your best friend if you're a mage, priest or lock especially for levels under 30. Get the Greater Magic Wand at lvl 13 and then Skycaller at 16.

I have a level 17 priest that's gathering much dust due to my altaholism, but when leveling I would Bubble, Smite, SW:P, Wand, Wand (over the head), Wand (behind the back) and finally Wand (between the legs while facing the other way).

Wand specialization all the way for the first 5 talent points. When you get good at not pulling agro, I'd say the next 5 should be improved fortitude and shield. If you have a problem with aggro, then I'd say Silent Resolve all the way or mix that with either PW:F or PW:S.

I feel the need to postface my comments with the disclaimer that I really don't know what the heck I'm talking about in Discipline because I did a mix between D and S for my level 19 priest.

Good stuff.

And loved the three things you should not be doing when healing. LOL...gathering herbs. You are a madman.

One more comment, if you want to learn to heal in a challenging situation, do battlegrounds. You really get to know your character well in PvP. Doesn't teach you about managing agro, but it does about practically everything else.

Good blog.

And yes, I could have made this comment longer if I tried.


Arrens said...

My level 17 priest is in a different guild than my main Warlock. And the guild leader (in my Priest's guild) is full Discipline that provides epic heals for raids, so it can be done.

As for the grind, I like standing at max range, casting Smite (because of its long cast time), Mind Blast, bubble, SW:P, Wand. Usually the mob's dead before the bubble breaks because I put my first 5 points into Wand Spec. It truly is a valuable increase to damage, especially if you find yourself wandering the wilds without Wulfa to tank for you.

Dani said...

omigoodness! Thank you for the add! :D

I'm glad you like the care bear post! ^^