Thursday, July 3, 2008


I hate the level 40-50 stretch. Oh how I hate it. It is really easy to burn my way to level 40. But at 40 I look around and think...huh bleh.

I've been taking a bit of a break. Saturday night got really rough. So Sunday I didn't log in at all. I logged in for about 20 min on Monday to get myself into darnassus and buy a mount. Then I got off. Tuesday I didn't log in at all.

Today I'm looking at doing Pox but more and more I'm less prepared before the instance... I'm getting really sloppy as a tank. And I'm not really looking forwards to it.

I'm deffinitly suffering from burnout of a sort. I'm not wanting to do any sort of playing, or even blogging. My idea of a good time at this point is sitting on my living room floor bouncing a ball of the wall over and over again like the guy in Great Escape.


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klaki said...

I hear ya there... normally if I don't have something to do and people to talk to, I normally don't feel like playing. And even then, sometimes, I'm not in the mood to talk so grping is even bland. I hope you find your inspiration soon. Sometimes it take grping with an old friend or someone new. :) The grind is boring and if you don't have people to talk and help ya, it just becomes tedious and treacherous.