Wednesday, July 2, 2008


So yeah... Sorry. Yesterday I was home all day. Wulfa was home all day. Not sure how the post didn't happen. But it didn't. So here I go to make up the time:

1) Do you like toast with butter/spread of with something else on top, like peanut butter, chocolate spread or strawberry jam?
I like Toast with butter and jam, I like toast with peanut butter and honey. I like toast with peanut butter and the powder you use to make chocolate milk. I also just like toast.

2) Any tips or tricks about raising a little Orclette and balancing WoW time and work?
Remember first that she always comes first. Make sure she knows this. Then make sure she has plenty of face time and play time and cuddle time and talking time. Then remember that you are allowed to have time to yourself. Balance it all. But keep the bigger end of the balance in orclette time. You should never be playing while she is crying. EVER. This is my rough guidelines, in something like this its hard to set hard rules, but I never play while she's crying and I make sure I spend lots of time on the floor playing with her and holding her.

3) Assuming WoW or an equally involved MMORPG are involved in your family when your orclette is 5+ years will you handle her game time? How will you ensure her safety and keep her experience fun and innocent? Would you deny the ability all together and keep her involved only with "LeapFrog" and outdoor activities instead? Perhaps you don't want her to get into video games at all? Do you think, years from now, when you tell her about your alt named orclette that she will think you're a bit silly? Maybe she'll want to play orclette herself. Will you relinquish control of said character?
*Stunned* Hmm. Hard question.

Handling her game time is fairly simple. Parental controls on the account and setting a flat amount of time that she will be allowed to play.

Keeping safe? Lots of warnings about people we talk to online. General suggestion to not talk to the idiots who aren't in your guild while playing. I'm not sure she'll be playing an MMORPG at 5. Maybe 10+. Tell me if she gets any tells(at all), things of that nature. Buy an internet based shotgun, barbed wire, 15 stealthed rogues, and 3 warlocks. Great now I have to invent Skynet just to protect her....see what you've done.

Wulfa is waiting desperately for Orclette to get old enough to understand soccer. Then boom they are both outside all the time.

Silly? hah silly hasn't even begun. I'm very very silly. I think the name Orclette will be the least of her complaints about me.

If WoW is still around we'll pay for a name change for Wulfa's Orclette toon and let the Orclette roll her own.

4) Do you two plan on having at least two other kids so you can have a full party?
State secret.

5) And what will be the punishment when Orcboy ninja's your epic?
MY girl will know better than to ninja anything of course. She's perfect.

6) If there are 5 apples and you take 3 away. How many apples do you have?
Not sure. Who had the 5 apples? How many apples did I already have?

7) When you two grp up? Who takes the lead?
Myself(dammerung), generally. If she is escorting one of my low levels through things I'm still the one marking the kills and saying which way to go.

However she's the one that controls the money and what we spend it on.

8) Any particular TV shows you all watch as a couple?
Stargate Atlantis, Firefly, Scrubs, the Gilmore Girls.

Nasirah said... I have no questions... but I demand more pictures of Orclette!
I'm hoping wulfa will add a post above this with pictures and her answers.

9) Have you ever tried brown cheese, and why?
No. Because I never heard of it. Mostlikely won't ever try it either. Just about the only cheese I can stand is american cheese and I've heard that this is probably the most uncheese cheese that there is.

10) What's the meaning of life?
Love the Lord your God with all your Heart, with all your Strength, with all your Mind. Love your neighbor as yourself.

11)How did Orclette change that meaning?
She gave me another reason to thank God. She reminds me daily how precious our life is here and how grateful I should be for it.


klaki said...

Excellent answers, especially 10 and 11. I wish more people would see things that way.

If my wife and I ever have kids, I'm never letting them see, hear, touch a modern video games/music/movies/tv. The world has become a cesspool of bad influences. I will monitor their activities yet teach them why and such.

Ok, I'm off to the eye doctor. After reading all that bright green text, my eyes hurt.... just kiddin' :) I joke around way too much. :)

PS - I will be patiently waiting on the Orclette pics.

Dezdemone said...

I love your answers to 10 and 11, actually I liked the answers to all of them, but especially 10 & 11. Good stuff!

Can't wait to see the pics of Orclette!