Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sooo... let see.. we'll blame Ratters.

Stuff below this is old news. Beowulfa pic to come in the morning I think.

Anyone remember how last week I created a character named Dammerung on Drenden to say hi to Ratshag and AC people?

Anyone remember how when I logged into Drenden for the first time as my Orc Shaman I suddenly realized I had not deleted that alt.

I hate me.

Still haven't picked a new name. Dammerig and Dammerlicht both are tempting. Rassvyet is okay but not quite. Maybe Abbendammerung?

I really hate me.

Beowulfa is smart and awesome. I deleted Dammerung the NE and when it asked me to rename Dammerung I renamed him Dammerung and it accepted it.


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Anonymous said...

So I just need to add Dammerung and Beowulfa to Slig's friends list, right?