Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some things.

Me, Wulfa, Moon, and Elihu are partying every friday night. Last night was mostly just doing quests together. The night before that was at level 70. But we plan on making the low level alt thing a more permanent thing.

The party makeup is as follows:

Level 15 Prot pally = Ratthree(me)(third rat doesn't get anything)
Level 15 Hunter = Wulphesong(Wulfa)
Level 14-16 Druid Healer = Lluvia(Moon)(It means rain or something in spanish).
Level 13-15 Mage = Oldmanmarcus(Elihu)

So if you are on Kael'thas and we haven't already picked up a guildy feel free to ask for a party invite 8pm-11pm MST.

This post would be longer but miniorc is trying to fly by shoving his fat legs and pushing off of the couch.

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