Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Faster leveling

Woo! In about 2-3 hours of playing I progressed from lvl 25 to 27. All I did was farm (or is it grind?) about a bit and turn in a few quests. I love whatever Blizzard did to facilitate leveling.

I'm currently doing the "I have money dance." I know it is probably a paltry amount but it's the most I've ever had. This is due to loving orc hubby handing over all he makes/finds. Puts a new spin on "what's yours is mine, and what's mine is mine." But hunky orc hubby is too easily distracted by shinies so gold is much safer in my hands.

I've decided that were my little orclette to be a character in game her name would be "Ravening Munchkin." She is a fine specimen, top of her class in length and weight. Had to go through all her little clothes to weed out the too-small outfits and was left with precious little. Props to her though for sleeping away the day yesterday thus enabling me to play and level the aforementioned times.

I'm very excited that my leatherworking is fast approaching 200 when I get to start down the dragonscale mail-making path. Unfortunately my leatherworking skill is way ahead of my actual level so I have a long ways to wait before I can actually wear any of my craft. I think I also have to be much higher levels to train to expert and artisan leatherworking. Oh well.

No more random thoughts on the WOW aspect of my life and my little orclette is being cute and demanding attention.


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