Thursday, November 29, 2007

Warsong Gulch

For the very first time ever I played in the battlegrounds. Why did I wait, you might ask? Because I was told hunters didn't do very well. I won't say who told me that. Anyway, it was awesome fun. The Horde lost each time but I experienced the joy killing enemy players brings. I garnered more kills and honor points than orcish hubby who has done battlegrounds before. I very neatly placed my freezing traps and once or twice prevented an Alli from escaping with my flag. The little warlocks and rogues were horrible. I'd kill the warlock and then seconds later find myself in the graveyard. I neglected to notice all the leaches they had put on me. And the rogues! I'd put on hidden tracking and Hunter's Mark them but they still managed to stun me and then dance around in glee as they slowly stabbed me to death. Once though I won that dance (granted the rogue was almost dead and wasn't trying very hard to kill me but rather get away). The other classes didn't bother me much. Dammy commented that each player fears different classes. My question was, who fears hunters? I didn't feel very feared. But I'll be going back. I have acquired a taste for Alli blood and they're all my level (no ?? dudes killing me at random. I have yet to meet an Alli guy that's within 4 levels of me running round doin' my daily grind). And there are more of these battleground things like the Arathi Basin. FOR THE HORDE!



Kat said...

Congrats on finding WSG so early. And I am glad you are having fun.

Who ever told you that Hunters don't do very well in BG don't know what they are talking about. And don't know how to play a hunter. We are not talking arena this is BG. Wide open space to shoot down the enemy.

Rogues have issue with hunters in the lower brackets. Just as much you do them. Don't just keep your eyes on the look out but ears to. When you hear that rogue *swish* of one in stealth. MOVE.

Always have your pet on aggressive and watch them. They will tell you where a hidden rogue is.

Hope that helps a little. And it is a WSG weekend so additional honor gained.

For the Horde! (or Kill the Horde!)

Tengu said...

*raises hand*

I fear hunters. Sort of. It is more that I find them a pain to kill. If the hunter is good they will keep their distance and I won't be able to kill them. Now Warlocks... Ah, those I fear...

Oh, and I am paladin.

Psycho & Chaos said...

Everyone should fear a Hunter, we snare you trap you stun you eat your mana strip your buffs and all kinds of nasty things. More as you get higher.You will find your self target #1 as you get higher. Everyone knows kill the hunter first druid second rogue third and priest 4th when those are out of the way the rest will fall.

Im joking btw. But in the smaller instance of WSG you might find your self the prime target now and again.

klaki said...

Being a hunter myself (NE, sry), here are some tips that I have learned:

* Distance is key, you kill more the more you stay away. The hunter has various ways to create distance (Wing Clip, Frost Trap, Freeze Trap, Concussion Shot).

* Remember to pop Scorpid Sting. Chance to miss is always good. Pop Serpent Sting on rogues. Rogues your lvl don't got Cloak of Lameness yet, so putting DoTs on them are great.

* Teach your pet Dash (if possible). It will keep people from running away as easy. Another good pet option is getting a scorpid whose poison is nice.

* Remember to pop trinkets, rapid fire, things with cooldowns. that little extra dmg can sometime seperate death and victory.

* Get a PvP set of gear. I'm not talking purples and such. I'm talking normal greens and blues. Load up on STA and AGI. PvP is about surviving in most cases, so the more HP you got, the better off. But of course it is a balance.

* Learn to kite people. This will take lots and lots of practice.

Those are only some of the many tips I could give you, but I really need to get back to work :)

I'll write more later. I hope that helps.

PS - If you learn to kite, rogues will fear you. that and squishys fear you.

Kestrel said...

I'm a hunter too...but I don't PvP. I hate hearing orcs & trolls dancing over my corpse yelling "For the Horde!"

Bah. May Elune light your way! :D

(BTW, Damm, my blog address is now