Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some late afternoon thoughts as I already have my work done for the day.

I really really want to party. I really do. I stare at holy priest and feral bear tank druid and drool. Dps can eat dirt... I want to be known and appreciated and loved for my awesomeness at keeping you alive so that you can hurt things. But PUGing scares me bad. What if I join a party and I run into one of those guys on Barrens chat? What if I join and I'm partying with a swear-o-holic? What if I join and I'm partying with a poor newbie who is wearing gear 20 levels below them? /shiver.

All of this will -easily- be solved in about 5 years when my darling orclette can sleep by herself while mommy and daddy trot off to do .(Yeah we can get a sitter but orclette cries the ENTIRE time we're gone and we are wimpy people who can't stand that, so it only happens really rarely)[also we only have one family we know well enough to let them watch our child].

But in the mean time I'm torn between the desire to get to 70 as quickly as possible(this means not starting over after reaching level 27) and the desire to party as a main healer/tank. I'm researching the healing path of shaman but I never really considered it viable for me. We'll see though if I ever earn enough 'extra' gold to respec.

This brings something to mind. The difference between play style and rp style.

I'm going to define play style as: "What you would do if your character looked like a classical pawn and your class was 'player'." Ie: I would like to see big large numbers. Or I would like to help others do better. Or I would like to survive anything, everything...doesn't matter if my damage sucks.

Rp style? This I'm going to define as who I think my player is. Dark brooding hero, lovable boom, animal master, controller of demons.

Where am I going with this? Well I am conflicted. I LOVE instant cast DOT spells. I love pets. I like to solo and I like to be able to ress myself instead of walking back.

However I hate Demons. The idea of a class that consorts with darkness completely bothers me. If I lived in a RL azeroth I'd be petitioning for a 'witch' hunt. This isn't like RL where religion might be debated.... IN AZEROTH WE KNOW THAT PEOPLE WHO WORK WITH DEMONS ARE BAD.(TJ yer forgiven I know you really wish yer blueberry was a pink fluffy bear with a heart on its chest.)

I know this is just a game and I've played a lock but the flavor still bothers me and I doubt I will ever have a warlock as a main because of it.

Classes I would chose for RP: Warrior, Hunter, Holy Priest, Mage

I know that Warrior is what I would like to be. Roaming around in Plate with a rune etched broadblade and an obsidian shield emblazoned with an icy blue sigil. But I don't like the rage mechanics and I hate how gear dependant I am.

Classes I would chose for play: Warlock, Shadow Priest, Warlock, Druid, Shaman

Anyone else have issues like this? Where you want to -be- one thing and -play- another?



Kinzlayer said...

All I can say about resto Shaman is that I LOVE THEM!!! CHAIN HEALZ!!!

Goeben said...

I currently play a 0/0/61 Tauren shaman; I main heal instances and heal in the Battlegrounds. A shaman can be a great main healer, but in instances you are very dependent, more than any other healing class, on a good tank. Shaman have no way to shed agro, no bubble, no flash heal. If you pull agro, you will get pounded on. Yes, Healing Grace (Reduces the threat generated by your healing spells by 15%) and Healing Focus (Gives you a 70% chance to avoid interruption caused by damage while casting any Shaman healing spell) help, and Nature's Swiftness gives you an instant heal every three minutes, but agro is still a problem.

Chain Heal is awesome, but situational. It is only efficient if it heals 2 or 3 players at a time. If you don't have enough melee in your group or the tank is the only one taking damage, Chain Heal is inefficient. With a good tank, Healing Wave (generally downranked for efficiency -- I use rank 8) will be your main heal. When needed, Chain Heal rocks; for example, Chain Healing on the front lines in Alterac Valley is quite a thrill, as you almost always hit three players.

But for a young shaman, a resto build is not recommended, as your damage will be quite low. You won't die easily, but you will kill incredibly slowly. A x/0/41 build is viable for soloing once you start getting a lot of +spell damage gear in Outland, but is still slower than Elemental or Enhancement. I leveled my shaman from 58 to 70 with 41 points in resto. It was fun, but took patience.

Don't be afraid of PUGs in any event. You can tell pretty quickly if someone is completely lame. Join PUGs optimistically, but don't hesitate to leave if you get stuck with an incompetent. In my experience, 3 out of 4 (Horde) PUGs aren't bad.

And if you want to reroll, now is the time. Every hour you put into your character, the harder it will be to reroll later. If you want versatility and great healing potential, Druid is the way to go. Druid is a hard class to play, because you have to know which form you need to be in for each role. When I have played druid, my downfall has always been shifting to the wrong form in a panic situation. :p But Druid is the only class that can realistically fulfill all three roles (tank, heal, DPS), though not with one build.

Melnayo said...

I'd just like to chime in about warlocks. I think that player-warlocks are largely misunderstood. By that i mean this:

You pointed out that warlocks "consort with demons". This was true of the 'locks of the old horde. Gul'dan made deals with demons in exchange for power. There are still a lot of 'locks around who do the same thing (shadow council, burning blade, etc).

However, not all warlocks are like that. I daresay that the more good-intentioned warlocks (including most of those in the new horde, those who aren't spies anyway) don't consort with demons so much as enslave demons and their power. They channel demonic energies and summon creatures, yes, but there's a reason it says "(name)'s Minion" instead of "...Pet" or "...Companion" these days. These demons are brought to the 'lock's side against their will and are bound there to serve the warlock without choice.

In some ways, the warlock is the perfect class for one who hates demons. They're not afraid to go straight to the demons, grab them by the balls, and force them to blow away their own kind. That's pretty badass.