Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This makes me so very very very curious

And I quote:

The Web category "Malicious Web Sites" is filtered.



Game Dame said...

Hey, I'm curious too because (1) I don't see anything after your phrase "And I quote." and (2) I don't see the website category you're talking about on the shaman tags page for WoW Insider. Since I'm a shaman too, I subscribe to your blog and I love the idea of a family of orcs playing together. Every time you say "orclette" it cracks me up... it's so cute. So please let me know what's the mystery about this blog post!

Rebecca said...

At the place where I work all of wowinsider is blocked as a "malicious" website. Which is what I find interesting. The blue is what I'm quoting :P

Dammerung said...

bleh I was signed in as herx

Psycho & Chaos said...

I get that also but then again I work in a corp enviroment. Its GAME RELATED and such as blocked.