Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ahh... Poxed.(ps: this is LONG)

So woo! Last night everything went awesomely. Well almost, we had one group stall due to an EVIL INTERWEB and we had some hiccups on the Tabard :p. But we were all dressed awesomely and smexy shortly.

I cannot say how exciting this has been and is. Well I can...but it isn't articulate.

Green Poxed started rolling last night. We meandered over to UC and tagged the flight point. Then we wandered out to some tower that Elips swore he needed to go to. I think he was just on a warlock beer run to the local corner store but yeah... sure I'll believe the I'm really after some dusty tome. I mean.. who choses a dusty tome over booze? Them forsaken have serious priority issues.

He opened a box(oddly surrounded by recently dead guys) and stuffed something into his backpack and said he needed to trot back to UC. So we did. While we waited on the steps he talked to other warlocks and beat down uppity demons.

Then we were off to orc lands again. Raamah needed to get something from the guts of dead thunder lizards for some warrior-jock-mating-ritual or something and Abuto had this troll guy she wanted dead. Not sure what he did to her...but with trolls you never can tell. We laid down a SWATH of dead lizards for the cowman. Seriously they died so fast it was a joke. I was getting bored...nothing to heal...

But Abuto made it interesting. Seems her love intrest...erm I mean target.. had made his home among level 13-14 pirates south of Ratchet. We all walked down there grabbing flight points. I'm still bored due to people being bad and FAILING at getting hurt. And suddenly.. it wasn't boring.

We smacked some pirate heads together, melted a few faces, dotted a few eyes, and generally wrecked havoc. My poxed finally got their act together and hurt themselves. I got to heal heal heal yaya.

We also killed this guy that the goblins wanted dead. Not sure why... I don't ask goblins why they want things... I buy their booze and walk away. But he died... and he had 5 heads! Seriously... this isn't the goblin booze talking... there was one of him and all 5 of us had a head to turn in. Crazy five headed pirates... should have gone to ninja school.

Shortly after the mutant pirate mage king died... Abuto saw that troll she used to date... errm whatever... and charged him. Raamah helped her break his teeth...and his arms.. and his skull. Then they fed the remains to Elips(I think the whole no booze only books thing makes them hungry).

We returned to Ratchet the happy owners of five mutant heads and a troll satchel. And what do the grateful townfolk say? "Go kill us some pirate cannon guys". Ungrateful retches.

Well no need to say we ignored them and shortly there after found our way to the inn for some R&R and some booze to help us forget that Elips likes to eat recently killed trolls.
The party was FUN.

I think everyone had a rockin' time and we would have gone on for another hour maybe but orclette woke up and expressed deep frustration at how we were playing like noobs and told us that until we learn to play better we had to get off and feed/cuddle her... NOW.

One thing I kept banging my head against was that the mobs died .. too fast. Its really hard to get a feel for the group(and for threat generation) when everything insta dies(almost everything).

Not to say anything bad about my group. They rocked. My rogue can solo almost anything with a simple renew. My tank doesn't get hurt almost at all and once he has something... he has it. My shadow priest kept rocking DPS and healing. My warlock dotted the world....and saved me with a well timed fear at least once maybe many times.

Me. Wulfa and Raamah eat lunch together so over lunch we were talking about it and all of us loved it. Raamah wants to go ahead and start on RFC as we were easily able to kill level 16 mobs last night and with all of us being level 11 now(I was 20 xp short last night) it should be even easier. Plus the elites mean that they'll take longer to kill which means more practice!
Tonight I got back on and leveled herbalism a little bit. Then I spent all my herbs and money and got alchemy to 76ish. I was celebrating that and mentioned I could make blackmouth oil at Alch 80 and Fuller whispers me and asks what I need to get to 80... because he has ALL OF THE BLACKMOUTH IN THE SEA in his bank. I tell him the herbs...he gives them to me... and very very shortly later I'm at alchemy 108. BOO YA.

Also our little fisher people are already fishing up firefin in STV. At level 10. Tells you something doesn't it. No... not that we're crazy.. you already knew that. Well...actually yeah...that we're nuts. And enjoying every minute of it.

Well thats all for now(told you it was long). Go over to and visit our shared blog for more stories and woo. Tell them I sent you.


Daxenos said...

Whooooo Hooooo! Go Wulfa and Daxe! It's too bad I had to go before we could properly tease the boys over at Grom'Gol! It was fun, however playing in the water and catchin' some rays! It felt like vacation!


gamedame said...

Wow, funniest write-up of the night so far! I'm glad we took down my Ex. It sets an example for what others have to look forward to if they scorn Abuto. Heh.