Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wulfa's Workout World

And my new catchphrase: "I have no time!" or, because I'm in Spanish 211 and have to speak in Spanish, "¡No tengo tiempo!"

And so I have to make sure less is more. Less time to exercise, but more intensity during the workouts. Something I can sustain over a semester of burgeoning homework. A routine, so I don't have to think about it.

And Damm, because he knows me well, promised that I'd be able to get to 2 classes at my gym per week (muchos puntos for that one:). So I've chosen Spinning on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Entonces (so then), aquí es mi horario (here is my schedule):

Monday: Spinning
Tuesday: 2 mile run, ab workout, 100 pushup program and 200 squat program
Wednesday: Spinning
Thursday: 2 mile run, ab workout, 100 pushup program and 200 squat program
Friday: Off-gaming night for Damm
Saturday: An INSANITY workout of my choice
Sunday: 2 mile run, ab workout, 100 pushup program and 200 squat program

That looks like a lot, but on my running days that will take me 40 minutes. Spinning is a 50-minute class, and the INSANITY workouts in month 1 are around 40 minutes. For me, myself, and I, that's doable. If you have never exercised before or are just starting, do not attempt that. You will be incredibly sore after Monday and may never feel the need to exercise again:)

To fuel all of this activity and the brain cells I'm using for school, I'm eating between 2600 calories and 2800 calories a day. I expect that to drop when Miniorc eventually weans himself, probably to 2200-2400 calories/day. And there are days when 2800 calories just isn't enough-and my little calorie calculator tool says that with my level of activity and breastfeeding I can actually eat around 3000 calories and still lose a bit of the baby weight I'd gained:) (

Note the number of calories. Still seems high to me-I remember days where I ate no more than 800 calories-but it's what I currently need. The guideline is to not eat less than 1200 calories, but I honestly think for most people that sends your body into starvation mode and hinders your weight-loss attempts. Good rule of thumb: calculate what you need for your height/weight/activity level (the link I've provided is the best one I've found so far) and then subtract 500 calories to lose around 1 pd/week. Or if you can't do that, subtract 250 calories-every two weeks you'll lose around a pound. Slow and steady. Develop good habits where food is concerned. I really, really don't like fad diets-I think you should never go on a program that you can't sustain for the foreseeable future (of course, there are always exceptions).

My disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, I am not a personal trainer (although I think I'll eventually become one). The only qualifications I have are a lifetime of fitness, personal battles with food, and the super-athletes on my mother's side of the family.

And Wulfa the Workout Maven is out.


Brad said...

How are you liking the Insanity workout?

Wulfa said...

@Brad: I love the INSANITY workouts. No weights, upbeat music (although there is a no-music option). I think Shawn T is motivating and the cuing is good. I didn't lose weight but I did gain muscle and endurance. I would recommend it.