Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Congrats Pat.

Wish my team was 3-0. Statistically that means you've got like an 70% chance now of playoffs.

My DK is 59 now on Cenarion Circle. Also I went through all my alts on Kael'thas and deleted most of the chaff(deleted 2 of 10 toons.... have two others on the maybe list).

Studying Differential Equations for a test on Thursday. The teacher has really pounded details into us, and I think I'm finally adjusting to catching "honest mistakes". Are any mistakes really honest? I mean if you mess up a calculation then you mess it up.... the answer is still wrong regardless of your overall knowledge of the math behind it. Maybe it is a matter of degrees. I wish my previous math professors had been this strict.

I really like the forsaken's posture and stride. I like how they move and how they feel like they are scuttling at great speed over the ground. Their animation is one of my favorite things about the horde.

Speaking of Horde. I'm liking how realID has freed me from having to play alliance to chat with my friends who are allies. It is nice to be able to play whatever faction I want and still talk to my buddies when they get on.


Cap'n John said...

My attempt at a humorous response is over here :)

Patrick said...

Well, thanks Dammerung. It's nice to see the Bears finally performing.

Cap'n John, consider the attempt successful. I thought your response was very amusing.

klaki said...

well a "honest mistake" is making a mistake without knowing it. They are not like those "mistakes" you make on purpose like "accidentally" bumping into that pretty girl you like. :)