Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pets Galore

Hah! Back to dark purple! Color of kings! Woot!

The Reason for the Post.
I tamed a new pet and I really like it.

The Background Story Behind the Choice of Pet. Warning Rambliness Ahead.
I grew up in the Virginia Beach, VA area. Nothing humongo special about that particular area except that it was close to one of the greatest vacation spots on earth. Colonial Williamsburg, with its' Shops and Restaurants and Character Actors and Tours and Gorgeous Houses AND IT'S JUST FREAKIN BEAUTIFUL. Not that I get excited talking about it. Anyway, we went there once or twice a year. Also nearby was the Jamestown settlement and a couple lesser-known towns that also got completely massacred by Indians (err Native Americans .... I'm not sure what is PC) back in the day. Exciting stuff. And if you're in that area you HAVE to go by the College of William and Mary. Red brick, stately buildings ..... you feel like you're in a very cool place with lots of history. Ok, and the point of it all: Busch Gardens Williamsburg, amusement park, eagle preserve, and voted most beautiful them park many times running. We went there once a year. We were/are amusement park junkies. Anyway, they are an eagle preserve. Remember that.

The Choice of Pet.
So I was sent to the Grizzly Hills last night. Not much choice, I accepted a quest and found myself on a bird. Dumb pilot almost got us killed by orcs. So I start questing in the area because it looks pretty and I wasn't liking the Dragonblight. And I come across a Bald Eagle (though it's called an Imperial Eagle in game) and I decided I must have one. So I tamed one, and named her Fidelis (SemperFidelis was too long ... didn't even think of doing SemperFi).

A Review of my Pets.
I currently have all 4 stable slots filled. There's Boru, first pet who will never ever be asked to retire. Then there's Taku, a skettis bird (purple and red, absolutely gorgeous). No story for her, really. Then Whitefang, my black ravager from Duskwood. Him I like having around because my name's Wulfa, and it just seemed right that I have a wolf. Stallone is that rare white gorilla that spawns in Un'Goro. I stumbled across him looking for a semi-cool gorilla and chuckled with glee as I tamed him because Moon and several other hunters had to wait days for theirs. And last but not least Fidelis, my favoritist pet right now. All families represented (i.e. Ferocity, Tanking, Cunning) If I spy another animal that I MUST have it'll be a toss-up between Taku and Whitefang as to who gets dismissed. I just haven't played them enough to be attatched.

Real Life Pet.
I have a cute story of Bambi. One of Damm's former co-workers bought the Orclette a Curious George monkey because her leash is in the form of a monkey. Wait, you say, a LEASH? Yeah, a leash. I know where my active and prone-to-run-away child is at all times. Moving on. Orclette didn't take to the stuffed animal. And then a couple of days ago I saw Bambi with it in her mouth. I took it away because I thought she was going to destroy it. Then I saw her again yesterday with it. She had it curled up against her and was sleeping with it :D So I decided that George was hers and he goes in her crate now.

The End.


Christopher said...

Only somewhat tangential to your post, my mother used to keep me on a leash when I was a tyke. Several things made this a necessity:
1) I was an extremely energetic child.
2) Much like an extremely energetic, outgoing, over-friendly puppy, I would go off with just about anybody.
3) I never learned to walk. My developmental stages were meatball >> crawl >> full-out sprint.
4) Most important of all, we traveled a lot internationally. I was an oil brat, which took us to some incredibly foreign (yes, there are degrees of foreign) places.

Those factors compounded in the need for my mother to keep me on a leash. I harbor no ill will for it; in fact I wonder why she didn't use a strait jacket.

There were times she was criticized, though. One woman in the Singapore airport made a point of telling my mother that it was cruel and unusual to keep her child on a leash like an untame animal. Mom just held out the leash hand hold and said "Here." Predictably, the woman left in a huff. =)

Love ya, moms!

Anonymous said...

Chris, I love your take on the development stage of your youth.

Mrs. Orc, Bambi sounds like a sweetheart! So glad you're all still enjoying time together.

Hope you get some amazing Turkey or Ham this Thanksgiving! I hear the ol Fjord has a few walking around...