Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Cards And Morning Sickness

I love doing Christmas Cards. And they're done, actually, just awaiting Damm's signature. But everyday I've either been working and forgot about it, or I've been at the house but overwhelmed by morning sickness. So, to those of you who should be getting a Christmas Card, it might be just a wee bit late.

So the lovely, dreaded Morning Sickness has come. In the exact same fashion it did with the Orclette. I can eat doritos. I can eat Taco Bell tacos. Damm went out and bought me sea-sickness bands and they actually seem to be helping-the smell of food isn't making me want to throw up. AND I'm re-reading Elizabeth Haydon's series. Read it while I was in the throws of nausea last time too. I seem to mark important life events by the books I read. Funny, eh?

Called out today from work. I was scheduled to close. Couldn't stand up all day, was holding out in the hopes that I would feel better. I eventually had Damm call out for me as I didn't feel capable of calling. It's my guess I'll be talked to about that, since the employee and the employee alone is supposed to call out. But maybe I should mention that they really need to communicate better. See, around 4, the time I was supposed to be working, Damm got a call from a B&N manager, inquiring where I was. He explained that he had called out for me. They said Oh, sorry for bothering you, and that was that. But this is the second time that's happened. I really love my new store, I do, but that's just frustrating.

Damm is scheduled to have his physical early next week. His options for basic are probably going to take him away from late May to December. Yeah, he'll probably miss the birth. I'm trying not to think about that-I wanted it to just be us this time around. And I'm also trying not to think about handling two small children on my own. We're thinking of me going back to my parents' house because I'll be more comfy there, but they were planning on selling their house soon so I'm not sure if that would work out. And I'd have to bring my dog, and my dad DOES NOT like doggies. So we'll see.

I need to lie back down again, see ya'll laters.


Anonymous said...

In a time where strength may not be a cap requirement...I still pass some on to you. I'm sure none of this is a piece of cake, but you've got a few bloggers supporting you through it all! Xmascards Shmexmas cards...there are babies to be had! Far more important! =P


Kelmar said...

I agree with the above! You have written support. Hope you feel better as soon as possible because whatever the situation, it sucks more when you have to yack all the time.

Shrinn said...

"they" say no two pregnancies are the same. I guess "they" haven't met our lovely Wulfa!

My heart goes ut to you Darlin, but I only got sick with carring John TWICE! & that was only from drinking hot tea. I only drank hot tea twice the entire way thru! (I loathe vomitting) lol!

It's a labor of love Sweets, don't forget that the pay out is far worth it in the long run :)

I'm here if you need an ear!

O, & YAY! I can post a comment again!!! ~Yayness~

Byrd said...

Congratulations! I just started reading the blog again. (Been hectic with our little one, but it is sooo totally worth it).
crap lost my train of thought...
anyways, Congratulations!