Friday, December 19, 2008


So my brothers went home yesterday. I'm slowly crawling out of my interweb hole that I disapeared to.

Warrior got to level 34. Loving rend.... Oh how I love rend.

Shaman got to 69. I think I may move to tundra. I hate the apocotharies more and more. Plague quests are icky. Surely I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Wish I had a horde side warrior who was past level 30.

Thomas Cahill's book The gifts of the Jews is interesting. We disagree on a few basic things but he tossed me enough bones that I'm happy. I -love- how well he describes the scenes. A good read but because I disagree with his basics I only recomend reading it skeptically.

Herk... gimme a post about when is a good time to go prot if you are curious about soloing as a prot warrior. Cus shields and swords look cool.

And.... the pizza's ready. Back later.

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Capn John said...

I got my Gnome Warrior to 64 (I think) but cannot recall how I managed to do it, what Spec, etc., so that's practically useless.

Although I do know it wasn't Protection, and it was whatever Spec made most use of 2H Axes. My Gnome Warrior had a thing for 2H Axes, in an RP sort of way. He was not the sanest cookie in the jar ;)