Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Apartment Shopping

I thought it would be fun yesterday to look around at the different apartments Las Cruces has to offer. The first one was fun-but it was way too expensive. The second one was in an awesome location. Rich neighborhood, good area, and then we actually walked into the apartment. Crunch Crunch. The toilets were a different color. Nobody had bothered to clean up anything. Pretty gross. The next one, chosen because it seemed to be not cheap but not so expensive that we couldn't afford it, was actually our favorite. Built in '73 but well-maintained. Appears to be a nice neighborhood. Spacious 1-bedroom. Allows pets. We're thinking about it. We might need to revisit some of the more expensive ones because some include the city utilities and high-speed internet, both of which we will have to pay.

We are limited in that we have Bambi. And if we move before Damm goes off to basic Bambi has to come with. I'm not staying by myself. But Damm is fairly nervous about leaving me alone with the Orclette. And then me alone with Orclette and Belflette. It's not really alone-his parents and brother are 10 minutes away. And as I said I would have Bambi. But I'm not sure myself-I've actually never lived alone. I went from my parent's house to our first apartment and then immediately into sharing with his brothers. So we'll see. The thought of being by myself/ourselves is rather intoxicating. Then again, some of the trips we had been planning might not happen because we're spending more money on housing. Then again, I would like to be on good terms with Damm's parents and that won't happen if I have to live with them for a long period of time. Choices, choices :D

And totally changing topics. I had a nightmare last night. I couldn't do my homework or any of the papers I had been assigned and had to drop all of my courses. Woke up after that one. Pretty scary. I have finally signed up for classes. Roots of Modern Europe; Islamic Civilization before 1800; Spanish 1, which I will be taking with Damm; and an English class on the Autobiography of Rhetoric. It's a mini-semester class. Starts in March. I'm rather excited-just also petrified because I'm not sure I remember how to study or to write papers. And this isn't a junior college. It's a real college. And Damm had to turn up the pressure by innocently remarking that we needed to keep our GPA's up .... I totally agree but did he have to mention them right when I was thinking about C's and D's?

AND one of these days I'll be able to play Wulfa again. Whooppeee!


Dagashai said...

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised on the writing assignments. Keeping a blog will help a lot... the mechanics are the same, thinking in advance what you have to write on, then just pounding it out at the right time.

Writing is like any other exercise. Do enough of it every week and it becomes second nature.

As for study/reading... you've worked jobs, something most of your younger classmates won't have done.. so you should be good with time management.

My advice... talk to your teachers when you can. They'll really appreciate someone taking an interest. If the reading material interests you, ask them for further recommendations. Also, try to get into the habit of coming up with a question or two during lecture (or while reading) to ask the professor or teaching assistant after class. It may sound weird, but if you have an independent research assignment (paper) this will help you with a topic... and is a great way of doing some prep work for class.

I don't know the school, so I can't guess the likelyhood that you'll have teaching assistants and a large class, or what not. Either way, get to know them. If you end up really liking the class, you'll be able to ask them for recommendations on what else to take. And (shameful admission) knowing you'll be talking to them will guilt/shame you into making sure reading assignments are done.

Good luck, and remember that for most of history, school was merely a form of entertainment for the uber-rich...

Ratshag said...

I'm living on my own for the first time in 17 years now. It's strange and exciting and fun and a real pain at times. I have no doubts about your ability to handle it, especially with Damm's family nearby. And you-re right - living with the in-laws is a bad bad idea.

"merely a form of entertainment for the uber-rich" - good point, that.