Friday, January 2, 2009

No running

So today I was supposed to run. However I got only 3 hours sleep before 8am and by the time I had caught up around 11am Wulfa was still feeling horrible. So no running.

*if* I don't catch whatever horrible thing she has then I plan to run tomorrow if she's feeling better.

Sickness sucks.

So I'm gonna duck out now.

Go read Elizabeth Moon's Remnant Population. Its always been one of what I consider to be the best hard sci-fi books. Mostly due to the protagonist.

For fun simple scifi where the good guys win with lovely white hats and all, try Weber's "Off Armageddon Reef" and the sequel "By Schism" somethign something something.

"Flash" by Modesitt was happily about a guy who does stuff he -knows- is wrong/evil because a greater evil will result if he doesn't. I enjoyed it. But I like most of Modesitt's books.

Weber and Modesitt both mostly write books I can only recomend for entertainment value and not for literary or thought provoking purposes. It doesn't stop me from loving the simple good guy wins stories. It's kinda like finding out you LIKE cheep beer. You shamefully gulp each and every horrible drop.

I feel the same about most of Moon's stuff but Remnant is awesome.

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Anonymous said...

I like some of Moon's stuff....and normally Weber is not bad. But for some reason, the book you mentioned, just was not fond of.....but that is just one person's opinion. Nice to see I am not the only person who plays WoW AND reads. Sometimes it feels like a literary wasteland in the game. They can quote movies extensively, but make a literary quote and most of them are lost!