Sunday, December 28, 2008

A cheery little post.

So I mean to play honest. Then every time I try the Orclette looks at me with sad eyes. Or the Wulfa and the Belflette start feeling icky. Or the rest of my Family will wonder why I don't do [x] or [y].

In other news mage is extremely fun. Very spiffy.

For christmas I got a B&N gift card yay. So far I've gotten "The Road to Eternity" by that guy who wrote those other books. I think one or two of them were called Omega or Deepsix or something. Also I got "Mexico - Biography of Power - A History of Modern Mexico, 1810-1996" by Enrique Krauze, Translated by Hank Heifetz. It is interesting because I never paid attention to the history of things in the New World and suddenly find myself interested. Its boring because well... so far I've only gotten into the pre-section where we are describing how the government viewed the Indians and their history.

School starts Jan 14th. Life is starting to pickup speed. Despite all my efforts to lean out of the vehicle and slow it down with my face.

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