Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ninja Close to Home

Sooooo ...... I've been through Utgarde Keep 3 times now. Twice in my hunter, once on my priest. Here's how the looting went: Dammy, Dammy's, oh and only Damm could use that. THEN, when I brought my priest through because UK seemed only capable of dropping clothie stuff, it was Hunter, Hunter, Plate, Hunter. Gah. So yeah, Damm be the ninja close to home.

So far no upgrades for Wulfa, who dinged 72 this morning. Her purple gear is lasting. Some stuff has come close but enchants/gems make what I have just a wee bit better. I've decided to get a gorilla for some AoE tanking, as I keep on pulling threat from my cat and bird. I did notice fewer problems when Boru (cat) dinged 71, but then I dinged 72, and it all starts again. Beowulfa is sitting in the Tundra inn waiting for wulfa to get to 80. Woofwoof, my DK, is waiting for her avatar to research how DK's should be played before she's brought out again.

And more importantly, TWILIGHT THE MOVIE IS COMING OUT TONIGHT. And guess who;s going to the midnight showing? Oh yeah, me me me!

And for our guildies who haven't seen much of us, we're still here. I'm adjusting to working more than 8 hours a week, Damm is spending more time with his dad because he never really got the chance to back when he was a kid. And Moon is leveling so fast because he gets to play all day. Who can compete with that? And the Orclette is wearing herself out playing outside, hugging the doggies, and in general hamming it up :D

Longer post later, for reals.

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Felsprite said...

Twilight at midnight, cool!

I've read the books and I'm looking forward to seeing the movie too. Now I just have to find a way to sneak in since I'm waaayy too old to be caught in a teen flick,,hehe

I'll be waiting for your review :)