Thursday, November 20, 2008

From the outside!

Still no job. Currently three good leads... none of which have actually led anywhere. But Ess spread me some jobcorn to catch the jobdeer so I should be better off :p

Death Knight. Wow... Delos.. if you haven't tried blood... try it. Same dps as unholy(at level 68) but 3 times the survivability. Sadly no pets. Your call.

My shaman is -starting- to call me. Only because I know this huge cow tank who I might be able to sweet talk into farming me resto gear. Because I have none. Because resto is so awesome.

But DK's are my new thing. I played my resto druid for about 10 min(2 hours) with Moon on Wednesday night. His stupid blood DK only lost hps once......when he didn't stop dpsing on the boss after the boss threw up reflect(the quest tharisson gives you in tundra guy at the top of the tower). But even then..he didnt stop dpsing at all... took 5k+ damage almost instantly and never got close to dying.

Kalmerung(alliance DK blood) is level 60. Dalmerung(horde DK frost) is level 58 but has almost 5 days rested now.

As everyone has already noticed it seems the gear in Northrend is so much prettier simply due to the detail. Amazing detail.

Oh...the title of this post? I'm writing this in our backyard. I never write posts outside....but today I am. While Orclette runs around in the brown grass screaming "Dohw dohw" at the dogs reclining on the ground. Orclette has BLOOMED with the three dogs and all the attention she gets here. She's having a blast.

Now that we're keeping Bambi everything is so much shinier. If I had a job we'd be perfect.

Well, I should be on in about 2 hours from tonight. Not sure who I'll be playing. We'll see.


Delos (Dave) said...

Everyone knows that the best way to catch a jobdeer is with jobsaltlick!

I checked out the Blood tree, it does look like it has some great survivability. I'm writing a blog post about it, but the jist of why I went Unholy is I didn't want to have to manage so many 1 and 3 minute cooldowns in Blood.

Good luck on your job search!

ArmsandFury said...

I'd be happy to run ya for some Resto gear just say the word. I got Herk up to 18.5k health unbuffed so I could prbly tank a lot of stuff with just you healing me.

Solo runs means you get all teh loot!