Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I didn't stick to the plan

I was going to be soooo good this time around leveling Wulfa. I wasn't going to hop around from zone to zone. I was going to get the quest achievement/exploration achievement in each area before I left it. And I did just that with the Borean Tundra. And then it all fell apart.

I didn't want to do the Fjord because it was another starting zone. And I figured I'd leave it for when I was 80 and wanting money. So I went on to that Dragon place (sorry, can't remember the exact name ...) and decided I disliked it intensely (I was taught not to use the word hate except in extreme circumstances. Some childhood rules are still really hard to disobey). So I moved on to Grizzly Hills. And I really like the area. So I did all of the starting ones. Now I've got a couple group quests and the kind of quests that are really long and boring. Not instantaneously satisfying like the other ones. Boom boom boom xp. That sort of thing. So I accepted a flight out of Grizzly Hills to Light's Breach, which happens to be in another zone. I don't even remember which zone it was. That's kinda bad, but it was after 10 p.m. when I arrived there so I claim tiredness as my excuse. Anyway, accepted all the starter quests and started shooting things. I am lvl 74, Stallone, my nice white gorilla, is lvl 72. And I kept pulling aggro from him. Nothing to worry about, Intimidation and Feign Death were almost always up so I never got beat on for long periods of time. Still, it was annoying. So I put Aspect of the Viper up (for you non-huntery types that means I'm doing 50% less damage) and I still was pulling aggro. Then I noticed that a lot of Stallone's attempts to hit the bad dude were being resisted. So I finally took note of what level they were. 76. Yeah, my poor little gorilla having to take on mobs 4 lvls higher. No wonder I was pulling aggro. But doesn't it say something about the hunter psyche that I didn't even to think of checking on the lvl of the mobs? Or maybe it just says something about my psyche .....

Think fondly of me this coming week. Damm's mother is graduating from college Saturday and hordes of their relatives are descending. I don't do well with crowds. I get all antsy at my family's reunions. And it's even worse when I don't have any territory of my own to retreat to. You know, I've been reading too many werewolf/shapeshifter stories lately. When I'm annoyed my response has been to growl at the person and I swear I can feel imaginary hackles rising. And I think of territory instead of, say, house or apartment. Maybe an ancestor of mine was raised with wolves.


Nasirah said...

Just wondering, which part of Dragonblight did you start in? If you don't like the quests in one area, you might try a different one. Especially if you start getting too far ahead of yourself in zones.

Same thing with the Fjord, you might at least give it a try. At lvl 74 you should still get full XP for all the quests there (at 5 levels higher quest XP starts dropping off), ding 80 sooner (leaving more of the higher zones undone), and then make your money off them. Just a thought.

papersmith said...

I really liked the Fjord...much more fun than the Tundra. But then I've also only played them on my Horde toon so far.

Re: Stallone - did you check to make sure that Cower wasn't autocasting? Be sure to put it on your toolbar so you can keep an eye on it. I've been playing in Coldara with a level 68 monkey and didn't have much trouble with him holding aggro.

Nomakk said...

Oh no, I have done that before. Sometimes my mind even goes as far as to let me think "Hey, a fel reaver can't be THAT hard" :)

Anonymous said...

K. Papersmith hit one of my points. If you have cower and growl on, they share a timer and can lower threat gen. Also, if you keep MD up, you pet should do fine even with mobs 4+ levels higher than itself. I have taken my pets, when I was leveling them, to places that were like that. Also, check your hit rating. Remember that you pet gets your base hit rating before your talents are added in....that reminds me, there is a skill that I used for leveling (but spec'd out of after 80) that increases your pet's expertise....might try that. I thought it helped. Just something to try. GL and have fun.

Gunsnbutter Excelsior/Uther