Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So I expected that after signing all the documents and getting sworn in I would be relaxed.

Instead I'm so nervous I can not sleep.

This is incredibly frustrating.


Daxenos said...

The key to making it through Air Force basic training (I can't speak for the lesser services.../dig) is keeping a low profile.

Don't be a loud mouth.
Don't be a suck up.
Don't volunteer.
Don't do anything weird.
Don't look weird.
Don't stand out.
Don't call attention to yourself.

And, don't...ever....cut up your extra t-shirts and mark them up with your favorite heavy metal bands complete with pentagrams and upside down crosses in order to wear them in the evening while you're doing your chores because your drill instructor is a woman and not allowed in the barracks after 8 pm!

Don't do that either....

Dechion said...

I second pretty much everything Daxenos said (except the whole lesser services thing, Navy FTW)

A low profile is a good thing.

Never finish first.

Never finish last.

Never volunteer for anything.

No matter how funny it might seem, try to keep the grinning to a minimum when your drill instructor is yelling, just trust me on this one.

SrA Henry said...

I second everything said here. The Air Force is all about doing what your told, when you're told. They will teach you exactly how they want things done, and some will be mundane.

Like folding a T-shirt into a perfect 6-inch square, with all the edges of the shirt on the same side and even with each other.

Or writing down the serial number of each piece of cash you have on your person.

Don't EVER question why they are making you do something (unless it grossly violates the UCMJ or other such laws) and don't EVER do it "your" way because you think it's more efficient or easier. And trust us, you're going to see inefficiency everywhere!

Remember that they are shaping and molding you into what THEY need and want, not what YOU need or want. Oh, and if the jobs are still called the same thing, stay away from anything that sounds like Dorm Chief, Element Leader, or Latrine Queen. You'll thank me later! :)