Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Starting about 2 weeks ago I began running... hah. Stumbling I mean.

My first mile completed was at 14:35. Yeah... I'm that slow. And after that first time I took almost an hour to catch my breath.

As a reminder to blog I decided today to log here all my times and how I feel afterwards every time I run.

My overall goal is three 7 min miles in one smooth go before basic(May 5th).

My three month goal is three 8 min miles.

My 6 week goal is 3 10 min miles.

The biggest drawback I'm having right now is lung capacity. My knees, leg muscles and feet are not complaining as long as I take care in how I put my feet down and don't pound the asphalt.

Today's run was: 1 mile 13:30, 2 miles 29:45.

I'm improving incrementally. Yay.


Shrinn said...

YAY! You can do it! I loved jogging back when I used to.

*Dammy Dammy, Hoorah, HooRAH!!!!*

ok, there's your cheerleading for today! hehe!

Darraxus said...

Running Intervals is great for building lung capacity as well. Jog lightly for 2 minutes, followed by a 1 minutes sprint. 1 minute of rest, 1 minute sprint, 1 minute rest. Do this about 6 times a day and you will notice results in no time.

Coachhrd said...

Good for you! You have to start somewhere . . . and your times are headed in the right direction. Stay at it!

Nighthawque said...

As a very long time runner I have to second the interval comment. Very many new/inexperienced runners tend to end up plodding along in a very slow "comfortable" pace. Many people can end up completing a marathon this way but taking forever. You can get used to this very quickly.

I never broke the 10 min mark in the 1 1/2 mile pt test until I really focused on the intervals. The MOST important thing is to avoid artificial timelines that cause you to run when injured or leave inadequate rest periods between workouts.

That being said, peer pressure and posting here for encouragement are great ideas. Good luck and keep on trucking.

Capn John said...

Good luck with the running, and wishing you a smooth, and as injury-free as possible Basic Training.

SrA Henry said...

Just remember that running in Basic is based off time, not distance. Yeah, you might be able to crank out a 12 minute mile..but that doesn't do you much good when they tell you to run for 30 minutes straight without stopping or slowing down.

I watched guys bust out 5 minute miles left and right, and then they were passed up by the endurance runners when the speedsters realized they still had to run for another 25 minutes...

Work on the endurance first. Be able to run 30 minutes at a steady pace without stopping..then work on the speed and distance aspect.

Good luck!