Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Totally forgot yesterday, but Happy Birthday to both Dammerung and Mooncadence, born on the same day two years apart. And congratulations to their long-suffering mother who let them live that long. And me as well :D

We had chocolate gravy with biscuits(yum), a long-standing tradition in their family. Orclette really seemed to like it, and I have pictures ...... I should get those uploaded :P Then we spent the rest of the morning at the recruiter's office finding out how great and awesome simultaneous enlistment is. This isn't something out of the blue, Damm's father was in the airforce and his grandfather was also in the military. He himself scored a 97 on his ASVAB when he took it 8 years ago (the highest you can get being a 98. Yes, I am bragging). Moon turned down a lucrative offer to become a nuclear engineer. It's a good thing Damm met me and then convinced Moon to come to Missouri with him .... I think they both kind of grew up there. It's not a certain thing .. I have questions and I want to see what the contract will look like. Make sure it has the College First condition in it, though I've read that being in ROTC also makes one a non-deployable asset. But still, overkill is not a bad thing. And when I say recruiter's office-he wasn't exactly a recruiter. He was the commanding officer just one of the officers teaching at the school, the commanding officer is this other guy of that ROTC. I went through the National Guard process not too long ago (but that's another story) and everything he said sounded right. I think I scored mid-70's without studying. Some of the algebra probably flummoxed me. Anyway, we're debating and praying over the decision. Damm is excited-I think he's looking forward to it. BTW, Damm is aiming for officer, which is why he's finishing school first. And he'll get a uniform. For your sake of mind I should probably stop there :P (Uniforms are sexy ... whoops I didn't stop)

Later on that day Damm's parents took us all out to Applebees. It was fun, if a bit stressful towards the end because the Orclette decided to start singing. Loudly. Intermingled with some screeching. So we had to leave a bit early. So anyway, say hi to the birthday boys. I know they'll appreciate it if you make little comments about how old they are, about not getting any younger, etc. :D


Nasirah said...

Oh blargh, I was totally going to leave a comment yesterday to wish those guys happy birthday.

Oh well, if you can be a day late then so can I. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Daxenos said...

Recruiter? I hope it's the Air Force recruiter...really, ask any Army, Marine, or Navy person which service gets treated the best, has the best food, and has the best living quarters.

It's the AF, hands down!

...and, yes, I'm biased.


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, boys!

You're not old...really...


Daxenos said...

Oh, and happy birthday guys!

Kinda left that out of the advertisement...8~)


Grai's Gang said...

Happy B-day. And just remember the way the great liars of the world work out recruiters for the military are either #1 or #2 depending on how you feel about lawyers. At least the air force as already mentioned does get treated better.

klaki said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Sorry, I'm old enough to where I don't normally care about my birthday, so I'm getting into the habit of forgetting others :)

I have mixed emotions on the military. I have several relatives that have been in or are currently in the military. Some are doing well, some I wish never went (for reason I don't feel should be discussed... and they are not dead). However, I'm sure you all will do whats best for your family, and I wish you all the best.