Friday, December 7, 2007

Ding! And a short story!

So I hit 24 last night and now have drain mana(yay) and corruption's next level and sense demons. I also went from +25ish stm and +23ish int to: +45 stm +38 int with 1 quest(back), 1 limited vendor(belt), 1 drop(gloves), 1 guild bank(off-hand), and 3 auction purchases (pants,shoes,wand). Once I hit 28 I will have +49stm and +49int. Not bad for someone who won't spend more than a gold on a green item and more than 5g on a blue item. I'm also fully trained, and my demons are as well. I soloed the quest to kill the gnome on top of the waterfall in Stonetalon Mountains which I thought was pretty impressive as he was level 27 and surrounded by level 21-23's. Course I'm a lock so its less impressive. I also died to alliance rogues 3x. Twice to the human rogue on horseback and once to the gnome rogue wandering through on robo-chicken.

Belmont! Take this down. I want those who come after me to understand why I have done what I did. Gan'rul summoned me a week ago. He felt it was time I learned how to control yet another of your accursed kind. I suppose its better you be put to the uses of the horde than wander free. How I hate dealing with you. Yes write that. Anyways, he said to seek an artifact of great passion. No, I did not immediately know what was needed! Erase that! So- BELMONT! Erase the bit about me collecting still beating hearts! You know I did no such thing and if you continue to fabricate I will feed YOUR still stupid brain to Graz'rast. He said I should ask old Blind Cazul. That man is far wiser than I thought he was.

Cazul knew instantly of an object that had been filled with passion, but he did not tell me what it was, instead he had me seek out Zankaja. [a momentary pause]Yes she was a looker. STOP DRAWING PICTURES! [mumbled casting](screaming of a imp in agony). Her mate Dogran? Dogface? I do not remember the cowards name. He was missing. She requested I find him. I traced his steps and found he had been captured by the quillboar. No shame in that, enough numbers can overwhelm anyone. And they breed like gnomes. Imprisoned and wounded I would never be able to bring him back without healing him first. Which obviously isn't something I'm good at. [snicker]..... (more imp agony). I found a troll witch doctor and retrieved a potion that would work. Immediately I set forth for the bristleback settlement. Leaving few if any alive Graz'rast and I cleared the tents and found Dog. No I did not bring you. You are almost useless. Now shut up and write.

But the spineless coward was more worried about how he looked.... he thought being crippled would make him useless! I had just been sent by a BLIND man to find him. Archimonde! Even the amazingly backwards trolls have a tribe led by a man with one arm! We are not the Alliance! We do not demand that our warriors be pretty, perfect shiny beings! We're the Horde! We overcome crippling injuries! I argued with him but he would not listen to reason. He cared more about his vanity than his mate. She would have taken him back, and if she didn't well.... there are good orc women out there. But the fear of rejection was too much. So I left, taking with me his pendant. Obviously the only passion in it was from his mate. But it was enough... and now I have added Anwena to my arsenal against the Alliance and the Legion. Now, put down that pen and go let Graz'rast chew on your head. He's hungry and you are useless. GO!


Kinzlayer said...

btw, i like the old layout.

Dammerung said...

The very white old layout or the old layout that looks like it does right now?

Slightly and easily confused.