Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Why I play a female character

After reading BBB's and Kestrel's opinions on men playing female characters etc. hubby, hubby's brother and myself began discussing why we played the characters we do. I play female characters because I do view them as mini-extensions of myself and any time I tried to roll a character completely different from myself I quickly lost interest. My brother-in-law frequently plays female characters. I never got around to asking why he plays females. I think its for aesthetic reasons. I tease him endlessly about it but it doesn't seem to bother him. Hubby always plays males because he thought I would be bothered by him playing a female. That made me pause. Why would that bother me? Would I be threatened by him rolling an attractive female character? I should hope not. 'Sides, he'd probably play either an undead (because he likes their starting area) or a gnome (he thinks they look cute). So maybe he should create a female character if he wants to. I'm thinking of a cute little gnome with pigtails for him, and a hulking brute of a draenei (spelling?) for me. That does mean going alliance. Maybe a little blood elf pixie for him and a great ugly orc for me. An interesting thought just occurred to me: except for an undead all the females hubby has suggested creating have resembled me. Hmm.

So I rolled (is that the correct term?) a female warlock. Frustration! Although I did discover that I was totally playing her the wrong way. I was using my little imp like I do my pets and he was dying right and left on me. Poor Zilbis. Such a grumpy little imp. But I really want her to reach lvl 19 so I can play battlegrounds with her and wreak havoc on everybody. Although lately its the darn rogues that have been bothering me (as Beowulfa). I don't have flare yet (as Beowulfa) and although I switch back and forth on my tracking options I still don't detect them until they've stabbed me a couple of times. On the bright side I frequently trap them with my freezing trap. /sigh. We lost last night. It was a good long battle (so much so that I had to sign off after only one game). Lots of honor though. FOR THE HORDE.



Pathos said...

I started rolling male characters for the same reason your husband did. Before I was married I always played with a female avatar online for aesthetic purposes: I liked the way they looked compared to the males and I preferred the concept of a female protagonist holding her own.

However, after I began rolling male characters (as my wife always plays females, and we extend our couple relationship into the game's visual representation of us) it really grew on me, and I've come to prefer it. I still think the women look better, and exposed-midriff plate armor will be the cliché visual ideal for me in a fantasy game, but I've lost my desire to play one. Now, my aesthetic has shifted to looking as big as possible :)

Dammerung said...

Yeah what pathos(I keep reading Porthos) said. When I make a character with Beowulfa well.. its a relationship and it just seems right to play a guy to her girl.

99% of all the games I have ever played I played a guy. This is because I tend to view this character as an extension of myself. Dammerung is ME. I am Dammerung.

Some games however cause me to wish to roll a female toon:
1)Undead males look alright.... if you cut their heads off.
2)Human males... where is the thin and wirey option?
3)Gnome males... woo I can be a balding short guy with a combover.
4)Why are 80% of the horde males bent over like oldmen(60%)(Orc, Troll, Undead) or 'pretty'(20%)(BE)? I don't like having a back ache everytime I -really- look at my character.

Drenai and Tauren are the only male toons I remotely like looking at. Orc coming a distant 3rd. The other male races.... BLEH. Helmet = always always on. Dwarves/gnomes = first person at all times.

If I rolled a female the races would go in this order:
4)Blood Elf
5)Night Elf