Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My five :P

Some clean up stuff first.

1)Beowulfa tricked Lance into tagging himself see his blog here:

2)Ding 22!
I now have my succy, Anwena. She's okay I guess, currently she dies too fast to be worth using.

3)I picked up Atlas, QuestTracker, and Auctioneer 5.0. I also on Saturday picked up Omen.All of these addons make me very happy. QuestTracker probably the most. It gives me focus and points me -almost- directly at where i need to be going. Atlas was almost a dissapointment as all it does is give instance maps with the one I have. /sigh Auctioneer 5.0 is wierd but OOO SHINY. Omen is exactly what I wanted. I very simple threat meter. This allows me to really dance along the aggro line when soloing anything 5 levels higher than me, without actually crossing over and getting myself killed.

4) Pebbles der mage of Datheroc server: "oooo pebbles is playing! I remember him he's good"

5) Rune of Perfection. What does spell penetration do exactly?

6) Beowulfa I think you want:
Sentinels Medalion +8agi +5stm Neck slot 140 honor and 20 marks.
Also possibly the:
Sentinels Blade +7agi +3stm 21.2 dps one-hand dagger 465 honor and 30 marks
Protectors Band +6str +6agi +4stm Ring 140 honor and 20 marks

I want:
Lorekeepers Staff
Rune of perfection
Lorekeepers Ring

Granted you might want to save the marks until later. But all of those items would be sweet now.

7) One of these days Beowulfa. I'll buy you this.
Some Warlock things:

Wow I LOVE soulstones. Love love love. If the recast is almost up I'm always tempted to just kill myself purely for the regen.

Talents. I just finished up the things I KNEW I wanted. Now I'm unsure. I currently have 5/5 in Insta-cast-Corruption, 5/5 in targets-resist-affliction-less, and 2/2 in get-mana-back-and-cause-less-threat. I was thinking of spending on the more-damage-from-curse-of-agony, next but like I said I'm not sure. Any suggestions?

What should I practice? Hunters practice trapping and kiting. I can practice kiting a little bit I suppose and I practice threat management now but what else?

Also, if anyone knows of a quest that gives a good +shadow damage item please let me know. I've found that I'd rather things die faster than live longer. Although at next level I'm giving up +11 shadow damage for +7stm +6int and +10000LLG*
Things I have learned playing games(BBB notice I let her post first! ha!:

1) People tend to have a pat answer. "Does Signet increase your xpr?"... "No." "Can a paladin do damage?"...."No.""Are hunters any good in PvP?"..."No."

Often their pat answer is based on a vague amount of research someone did once two years ago. After learning this from video games I noticed this isn't just a gamer trait.

"Are republicans greedy big business people?"..."Yes.""Are democrats tax happy hippies?"..."Yes."

2) Do not worry too much about having the best now. If you save up for the future, and work towards it you'll be better off in the long run. Having blues at level 20 doesn't help much when you are level 70. Having a huge house and a brand new car is worth less then saving and being a millionare when you are 50.(This could also be: Having a car at 16 is worth less then not having any school debt when you are 28).

3) Helping others makes you happier than it does them. Hurting others makes you more bitter than it does them.

4) Sometimes its best to go to bed and do it tomorrow. Replace Sometimes with Usually.

5) What is most important about life is the relationships you made. Not the drops you get.

Yeah, so thats it.


LLG* = looking less girly


Brandstone said...

My favorite warlock tricks are fear yoyos, and "AoE" grinding. For the fear yoyo you need Curse of Recklessness, and another curse(I use CoExhaustion) in a castsequence macro. This allows you to "safely" fear a mob in a small space(read instance) without aggroing nearby mobs. To AoE grind you need Voidwalker Sacrifice and Hellfire. Gather some mobs with your instant-cast DoTs then Sacrifice and Hellfire. Depending on how many instant DoTs you have; you can take on mobs of roughly your own level. I have a video of myself grinding on my mac somewhere, and I'll post it if you're interested

Dammerung said...

I am interested but hate video links!

Hate them!

However, I think you described it farely well and I will be trying this tonight if I get a chance.

Brandstone said...

It really comes into it's own when you get Siphon Life. With 3+ siphon lifes ticking away any damage you take before sacrificing the VW will be healed up. Then, when finished you can just life tap to full mana, and take one mob with just siphon life+drain life to fill up health. I have pretty much stopped carrying/using water and food with this system.

Kinzlayer said...

improve Curse of Agony (CoA) for leveling is very useful... for 2 talent pts you get 10% more dmg from CoA which should be part of your 2 insta dot rotation at the low levels.

The key with using the Succy at low level is to NOT have her tank. She is not for tanking, she is for the dps. DoT up those mobs and have them wacking at you while either you are kiting them or drain-tanking them and having your Succy beat the living day light out of them.

Kinzlayer said...

Once you have Siphon Life (SL) to add to your insta DoT rotation, the Succy will be safe for the most part...

Corr, CoA, SL 1st mob while running to 2nd mob
Corr, CoA, SL 2nd mob while running to 3rd mob
put Succy on attack on 1st mob
Corr, CoA, SL 3rd mob while running to 4th mob
Corr, CoA, SL 4th mob while running to 5th mob
put Succy on attack on 2nd mob

rinse and repeat... you should have life coming in from 3 or 4 Siphon Life so getting smack by the mobs does nada unless you have like too many on ya... drain life if you have reach the max number of mobs you feel comfortable with. one of the fun way to farm/level as an affliction warlock.

BigBearButt said...


LOL! That's a great one, there, Dammerung.

Lance said...

Yeah I am famous J/K thanks for the link. I have never played a Warlock so I can't give you advice like the others above me.

Lance said...

ooh I can give you this bit of Advice if you want a mod that will practically lead you to your quest area then get Lightheaded and TomTom. I think it is the best mod I have. Lightheaded takes snapshots of comments left on quests at Wowhead and coupled with TomTom if someone puts coords in the comment most of the time they are linkable and once you click on them it puts an arrow on your screen pointing you to your destination... /cheer awesome.