Tuesday, July 7, 2009


There are no YMCA's in Las Cruces. 2-3 in El Paso, but who wants to drive an hour to workout everyday? I can understand once or twice a week but there I go, digressing. Anyway, anytime we come to Houston my parents get us a guest pass to their Y which used to be my Y. It's on the small side but very up-to-date on all equipment. My mom is a lifeguard, yoga instructor, and triathlete coach there. So I've had fun the past few days working out. I'm sure I've alarmed some of the patrons-I am getting quite large.

And as I suspected my mother has me doing yoga everyday. Afterwards my energy levels go way up and I feel better, so I'm thinking instead of insisting the pregnant person lie down one should insist she do yoga. She gave me one of her mats and when I get back to NM I'm going to get some other yoga equipment. It's a testament to my mom's instructing skill that after one of her classes I'm hooked :D

Not a whole lot of stuff going on, really, although we've been way more active here than we were in Las Cruces. The Orclette loves my mom's backyard-it kind of looks jungly (she likes to garden and has plants everywhere). As I mentioned before she is getting spoiled by both grandmothers. Basically she's been having a grand ol' time. I've also been having fun-my stress levels have come way down and I've been sleeping better. So this has basically been a health trip for me. Hehe. Houston a resort center. That's funny.


Kayeri said...

That is awesome, Wulfa! I admit, I was one of the evil ones who was worried about you traveling so far so late into your pregnancy, but it sounds like everything is coming up great! :)

Patrick said...

I'm glad to hear that the trip is going well. Best of luck to you in the weeks to come.