Thursday, October 8, 2009


Frequently I wonder what the heck mom used to do with their little ones all day. Clean? Cook? Wow now I'm exhausted thinking about that. We watch t.v. And throw in little bouts of cleaning and cooking (pumpkin bread ftw!) and walking and going to stores. Has anyone else intentionally forgotten an item at Walmart/Target just so you could go back the next day? I have.

I had good intentions. The Orclette and Miniorc would only be exposed to the best shows and preferably only watch the recommended amount of t.v. I don't even know what that is anymore. Then I found ourselves watching tons of t.v. After a restless night with the Miniorc I just don't have any energy to be productive. At least not until my 3-4 cups of coffee (thank goodness he doesn't seem to be affected by caffeine) have sunk in.

And the best shows? Well, the Orclette does love Max and Ruby and tolerates Sesame Street. She has yet to view the other kids shows because I CANNOT STAND THEM. So I switch it on over to the Gilmore Girls which, btw, we're still watching. I'm paying however much extra for cable a month and we're watching the exact same thing we watched before cable. But what can one do when she says "mama watch Rory!"

We also watch various movies and ... sigh. NCIS. And Stargate. All of which are not exactly appropriate for a 2-year old. I do turn the channel during the graphic/gross scenes. And maybe she'll turn out to be an NCIS agent. Her great-grandfather was a lieutenant-commander in the Navy. And one of her great-uncles is an officer with the NOAH program thingy (I really have no idea what that is). And another great-uncle was an Airforce pilot, her grandfather on her dad's side (all the other relatives I've mentioned have been mine) was in the airforce, and her daddy is in the Army. Or maybe (tying in the Stargate theme) she'll join NASA. Her other grandfather has worked for them for years.

T.V. seriously is a mom's best friend. At least during the early years when it's hard to get out and about. And you don't own acres of land (like my grandmother) or feel safe enough to let your children play outside and roam freely.

Gotta go. It's Rory-time.

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