Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shiny thoughts

Things that would just be SHINY:

When a hunter engineer rides his motorcycle...his pet sits in the sidecar.(Moon thought this one up).

Complete sets of green gear purchasable every 10 levels.... as a gold sink and assistance with leveling. They could even be current sets... or ugly sets....just so long as I could get a complete set.

Engineering letting you make Lightning gloves(fist weapon) and Lightning staffs. For the staffs think something like a cattle prod. For the Gloves go read Girl Genius and think of Captain Dupree and her hand shocking device.

More Scythes.

MOVING Steamboats on rivers. Complete with Cannon and Skeleton Crews. Most would be NPC's...but one would be an neutral Skeleton faction that featured an ingame casino with horrendeous odds. Shortly after this you would have the ability to purchase an instanced "private room" and play cards with your guildies. Private room would require Revered or Exalted rep.

An ingame camera that let you take fuzzy 'old style' pictures. Also a picture book(like the keyring) that lets you store these pictures as keep sakes.

A mage ability to bring up a 10x10 earthen wall. The wall would break LOS and would exist for 6 seconds. The wall could be targeted and dispelled(via the normal dispell magic spells) or attacked. Movement through or over the wall would not be allowed. Flight would get you over the wall if available.

A shaman ability to create a hole in the ground. 10 yards deep, 5 yard radius. See above. But not targetable or dispellable. Lasts 3 seconds?

Grapple guns. Engineering crafted. Target a location at least 10 yds above you, fire gun, get pulled to that location.

Victorian style clothing craftable by Tailoring. No stats just perty. Includes long white lady gloves and top hats! Also a held that is an umbrella or a cane.

Well...thats it for my brainstorming....see you guys later.


Hydra said...
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Hydra said...

I would love a top hat! Aurum looks great in her Antique Silver Cufflinks.

She also has the Noble's Monocle and it fills the hat slot. So would I have to choose between the top hat or monocle??!!

That would be awful.

Nasirah said...

The purchasable sets would be a great idea. Some might say it would take business away from the crafters, but so much crafted stuff is junk anyway, I don't see that it would really matter. Not to mention, there already are vendors that sell sets of white no-stat gear that serves no purpose whatsoever, why not give them some decent stuff to sell?

Anonymous said...

To the pet in the sidecar request:

I would go months without sleep leveling my hunter and my engineering if I could get my little cat in the sidecar with a helmet and goggles. And I'd probably level a alligator and a bear for the lulz of a them with hats and goggles.