Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Promised Photos

As promised, photos of our "Breaking Dawn" party night. See the shoes? First time Orclette-with-shoes photo!

And then we put her down on the ground and she ran away, high-stepping it big-time.

I rarely like photos of myself but Damm liked this one, and it shows off my non-hooker outfit, so I included it.

And this is Damm and his orclette. I have no clue why she has such a funny expression on her face.


Shrinn said...

Ok, Hunny, for a "non-hooker outfit" you did at least get some cleavage in there! (Dammy must be pleased)
Seriously, we need to go shopping together....Soon as I hit the 6 right numbers, we'll all go meet up at the casino! TeeHee!!!!

You guys are all TOO CUTE!

ArmsandFury said...

Very cute fam!

I have a question for the Wulfa. I have been trying to get my wife into reading that series.

Then the last book tanked pretty hard from the reviews I have seen.

Was the last one that bad for you?

Softi said...

Damn lil Orclette is the cutest, and now we can see where she gets it from!! You be hawt, and I don't even swing that way! :D

waupeople said...

You look great! When I saw you it reminded me of something my mom wrote. http://firstforhealing.org/Refections.aspx

Thanks for the pictures!

Beowulfa said...

@ armsandfury: I love the plot twists she (the author) threw in-it is sort of the cliche happily ever after ending but I like em that way. And most of the people who work at my store (guys included) thought the last one was her best. FYI, she will be writing a 5th from Edwards point of view.

Pike said...

Aww! So cute!