Friday, August 8, 2008

Are you rich?

Jadefury( posted the following video. It shows a rather awesome use of the DK spell Death Grip:;11406623;/fileinfo.html

Also, for those of you who haven't heard about this yet:

I thought it was great.

Wulfa and Ishvi are loud bosterious social types online. I'm loud and silly but avoid all contfrontation like the plague. I yelled at them for good measure today for not being like me. Sheesh. And then I called and yelled at Moon incase he gets any bright ideas. They all need to learn social decorum.

Threw my gear into and found out that if I respec I'll have over 10k armor.... in my cat dps gear.... in bearform. I realize this isn't much but heckya I like having 5 digit makes me happy.

My wonderful mother pointed me at this:

and this

Go amazed.

The fury warrior is lurking in the wings waiting for the moment my feral druid is done being awesome.

He may wait a long time..... last night my Bear took on a level 59 elite, 2 level 58 hunterdemons, and 2 level 57 felpuppies at the same time...and then right in the middle of that fight 2 more hunterdemons and 2 more felpuppies show up..... I killed them ALL. Dang I love bearform right now.

Well thats all folks,

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