Wednesday, August 6, 2008

60 again.

Yay I guess. I'm 60 again. And Feral again. Still need pants, boots, bracers, and rings for my feral druid. Currently using +STM gear as a place holder. It always saddens me that I cannot easily buy a full set of green gear on the AH.

Things I wish for:

A green "set" of gear for each spec of each class. Purchasable at 60. Nothing special just a complete set. rings/trinkets included. Heck if you want to...make it a recipe set...just so that all the gear is the same level and matching and you get this before 70. I'd kill for this. Make each item 100g. I'd pay the 1600g for a complete matching set. Heck yeah I would.

The ability to trade your level toon for a level toon of a different class. As it is... my first plate user will be a DK. Because leveling 20-55 is just... not fun. It really really isn't. I want to skip it every time. It wouldn't be bad if you could auto adjust your friend's toons down to your level and do instances together. Or if you could be sidekicked and do stuff at their level. But soloing? For 1-3 months? *Sigh* I like soloing. I just hate soloing when all I want to do is be able to play with my friends.

Once the druid hits 70. I'll build a rudementary tank and healz set....nothing purple nothing fancy. Then I'm only going to play the druid when I have a party. Otherwise I'll be working on my farming/solo toon. Whichever one that may be.

Well I may play AV a lot. I like battle grounds.

On that subject... I've found I don't like any time when I get one on one in pvp. I really don't. I'd rather you just killed me so I can get back with my group.

The problem with balance is... offensive spells. I sorta enjoyed boomkinning things when all I did was dot mobs up and dagger them to death for mana regen :P. I want to be up close and stabby/slashy/choppy.

The fury warrior is level 8. He's next once the druid gets done. If the druid gets done. If I don't change my mind.

I'm thinking more and more about the pace of classes and how it affects whether or not I want to play them. I REALLY like the pace of paladins(slow and steady). I really like the pace of affliction locks(also relatively them up and watch them burn). Rogue pace is way to frenetic for me. Mages... well I've never been past 12.... I don't know. Shaman felt rythmic, I'd hit 2-3 buttons as fast as the GCD allowed then I'd wait for them to come up again. Hunter...hmm I'm not sure what hunter pace feels like....I never really settled into a farming groove with a hunter.

My low level warrior kills too quickly to set a pace. For all of level 7 I spent more time looting than killing as about 50% of the mobs were one shot by my green 2handed axe and enchant + sharpen stone. But when I do fight a difficult mob I like what I see. Slower than rogues...faster than paladins.

I'm not talking kill speed I'm talking... well the pace with which you do things. I liked wand spec priest for this... bubble, renew, wand to death. Nice and relaxing. And yet you still killed fairly quickly.

I don't like having to drink or shift forms because it breaks up the pacing for me. The leader of the pack crit heal thing is awesome for helping with this. DK blood spec looks awesome for exactly the same reason. Affliction lock...same deal.

Wulfa might post tattoo pics/story soon. If you ask for them repeatedly.

Also with full "Thick Dreanic" leather gear and my current head gear and my staff I look like an Aiel from the Wheel of Time series. I've got an AWESOME level 60 healing set and an mashed up feral set. But if I wear my stamina staff I can get 8k hps in bearform now. It is sorta nice. cruddy def though....just pure hps.

Well there you go. A Dammerung mind dump.

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We must has nao. :)

I will if you will, Wulfa!