Monday, August 4, 2008

Car fun

So suddenly this weekend my car started a high pitched squeel every time we make a left turn. Braking or not braking. Fast or slow. It doesn't make any noises when you go straight or right. Only left and worse the sharper the turn.

So I'm getting off early and spending time in our local garage shop farming rep.

The Hub Bearings? and Hub Spindle? were bad. Mechanic said my wheel looked like it was about to fall off. I put the car in the shop at 10:30am and got a call saying they were done at 4:50pm. $196 total. Not sure exactly what was fixed the terms above are from the reciept.


Suvon said...

My money is on power steering, or a bad belt. It could be as simple as your fluid is low.

wowblogger said...

Cars cause so much trouble. Just don't go anywhere and play wow 24/7.
samownall - Wow Blogger