Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Schoolwork. Oh, I don't think I assigned you enough ....

I've got finals coming up, just like everyone else. I'm beginning to feel the crunch. It gets worse when I think about the 4-day weekend we're taking this Easter to fly on over to Texas to see my grandparents, the Orclette's great-grandparents. Totally worth doing, don't regret it at all ('sides, my mother would've done something scary had we not shown up) BUT I'm missing quite a bit of study time in which I could:
1. Write my autobiography
2. Write my 3-5 page paper about Richard Write's autobiography
3. Write out my study review for Roots of Modern Europe. I've gotten 102% on the tests so far in that class and don't plan on stopping.
4. Do the reading for the above history class (the chapters are really really long)
5. Catch up on the reading for my East Asia class
6. Do auxiliary reading for my East Asia class so I understand what the heck's going on
7. Look over the next chapter in Spanish and attempt to start memorizing the vocabulary
So I'm trying to fit all this in before we leave Thursday night. It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't such a perfectionist when it comes to my schoolwork .....

But that's probably not very interesting to those of you who aren't in school, and if you are you have quite enough on your plate without reading about my woes. So I'll interject fun things.

The Orclette has a sand box. Boat, rather-we converted an old fishing boat into the sand box. Then her pa-pa (grandpa) decided that she needed a dock to put beside the boat so he constructed a really neat one, with the Orclette's adoring help. The whole ensemble is near a tree so us adults can sit in the shade while the Orclette plays. Very peaceful and relaxing; almost like fishing :D

I don't know what Damm's up to these days. He's been very busy making sure everything's in order for when he leaves, making contacts with the lady who will come to my rescue with guns blazing should anything bad happen (she's the family counselor person for deployed families, or something life that), and making sure our car is as repaired as possible. Not as much PT this week since the cadre all went to a ROTC camp thing (he's not contracted so he didn't have to go), and fonrtunately not a whole lot of homework, though his physics homework is looming ... bah humbug.

And me? I quit running. After a week of sickness, a week of recovery, I figured it wouldn't be worth it to struggle back into it. Plus we then bought the elliptical so all cardio problems solved. My brothers ask me if I "look pregnant" yet. Yes I do. No you will not have pictures. And the most wonderful thing invented was the stretchy piece of fabric that lets pregnant women wear their pre-pregnancy pants longer and to keep their too-big maternity pants on. I think I've gained 9 pounds so far, although if I keep on being as hungry as I was yesterday that number may jump quite a bit. It's really hard to keep a hungry pregnant person from eating. Even if she knows she's already had enough calories to feed her, the new kid, damm, and the Orclette. Incidentally, we changed the names. I threw out all the old ones. New ones are:

Charis Gwendolyn Audra Susan
Brendan Marcus Thaddeus Edward

We're still not finding out, and since I'm not going to the doctor until Damm leaves, even if I find out I'm not telling just in case it leaks out to him. But then I can buy appropriately colored onesies. And blankets. And yes, I've been itching to start doing that ... I love buying things for my kiddos. The Orclette teeters on the edge of being incredibly spoiled. At least with a sibling the spoiling will be divided.

And I have run out of interesting things to insert.


Maebius said...

That's all?! (kidding!)
I read your blog every post, but usually don't comment. Today, I wanted to let you know you are a Parent of the Year!
Thus nominated, because beyond the World of Warcraft, you continue to keep family first. :)

Beowulfa said...

Oh thank you!