Monday, May 26, 2008

Tonight is Shaman night.

So I've been in idle mode on my toons most of this weekend. I took Friday night and hit 60 on my shaman. But after that I didn't do much.

My hunter finally hit exalted with SW and is now about 1/2 the way to 40(from 39).

I created a warrior for twinking and made it to level 2.

I then created a mage and made it to level 8 last night. I plan on playing the mage...the warrior...not so much.

The stuff in blue is me rambling and complaining. I couldn't decide whether to clip it or to post it so I changed the color and figured I'd warn you now so you can skip. Its not all bad...but not much of it is good.

If you like the other Indiana Jones movies you will probably like this one. It is the same old Indy. And honestly he only gets cooler as he gets older. Seriously, "old" indy is AWESOME. Crazy awesome. That said? I didn't like the movie. I never like these movies. The scenes are awesome. The plot sucks. It is how I feel about 90% of what LucasFilms puts out. Wulfa liked it and I imagine most people will like it. I don't -regret- it at least. Oh and I'm looking forwards to Hancock a lot. I also want to see the Panda movie but I'm afraid that I'll have already seen all the good bits by the time it comes out. Not sure about Twighlight, I'm afraid I'll rip it apart afterwards and not enjoy it. Oh and Prince Caspian was awesome. Still haven't seen Iron Man(Wulfa wasn't interested). The new Hulk looks like something I'd actually watch. I skipped the first one(the one from 2-3 years ago).

Outlands is a lot slower than 1-60. Its rather amazing how much a difference 2.3 made. I think thats the patch where they made leveling faster. I'm glad they did. It was difficult enough with my limited time/focus to even get to 60 -after- the patch. I don't think I would have done it before the patch. Sure there are a lot of quests that give you 10-12k xp a pop in outlands. But that is still about 20 quests for the first level. Compared to about 4 for level 59. (I usually kill about twice as many mobs as I have to). So like Wulfa I'm no longer really expecting to be 70 any time soon. At this point I'm really just wanting to tag 70 before Wrath comes out. I'm expecting to get to do Kara or any raids as the moment I tag 70 I'll be farming up gold/rep for ages and ages.

However I'm really looking forwards to being able to actually twink and play with people I know. Every previous effort I've made has resulted in people saying "but I wanna be 70" or "I hate battlegrounds". Both statements boggle me.

I love Battlegrounds and I really don't care too much about being 70. I'm very very glad Blizzard allows/supports twinking for this reason, its easy to get to 19/29 and get all the gear you need/want and then sit and play your 'endgame'. It doesn't take the hours of leveling that 70 requires. Days/months in my slow case.


Back to work.

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