Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Looking forwards.

For my enhancement shaman I am going to be trying to figure out what gear I can collect at 70 before raiding to be the best PVE person I can be.

I'm using the following values to help rate my gear. These values were taken from here.

Attack Power = 1
Strength = 2
Agility = 1.74
Crit Rating = 1.97
Haste Rating = 1.28
Hit Rating = 1.34
Armor Penetration = .22
Expertise Rating = 3

For my weapons I'm looking at:

Obviously this requires blacksmithing but I'm not sure if the recipe is obtainable without a raidgroup. If it is I'm willing to farm up BS for these.

Alterntively we have this:

Or two of: <----I like this alot.



SHOULDERS <--- If I spend the money for LW 375 or (quest)<----most likely (easier quest)

HEAD <---- I think this is gonna be better.


WRIST <----Looks like LW is right for me or (pvp) <-----most likely (quest) (quest)




I almost forgot belt:

All of these would be socketed with:

Now... if anyone hasn't guessed I just ran through wowhead looking up items with str on them. Because I'm at work and don't have a lot of time to search -every- item with agi/str/crit/ap to compare against these. But please if you have any suggestions for alternate starting items or if you notice that one of the items I'm mentioning is a lot harder to get than I think it is... please pipe up. Yes even you there in the back.

I'm wanting to get an idea of what to work towards as I level up.

EDIT: Powered by added and list updated a bit.


ASH said...

Looking good, Damm :D

While I have nothing else to add, I'd love to see a "Powered by" script added. I'm sure you already know of these.
Powered by Wowhead and Powered by Thottbot lets you view the items linked via mouseover in stead of clicking. Having played WoW for too long has gotten me stuck in "hover to see what it is" mode.

Dammerung said...

Stuff has been added. This list is under almost constant update btw as I browse more.

Dammerung said...

Ignore this post please until I"ve had a chance to use:

and get it fixed.

Anonymous said...

One website that has been huge in gearing up my enhancement shaman is Loot Rank. It allows you to put in the values you have listed and rank gear accordingly. It also lets you set where you want to get the items from (crafting, 5-mans, reputation). The one sad thing that you'll find however, is that most of the good gear is leather, but they do have an option to put it to mail only.

Thuenderman said...

I'll second

You already have your item weights so just plug them into lootrank and choose the armor type and source (pre-kara gear, so not from SSC/TK etc.)

I've been able to create very useful lists this way.

Ngita said...

People have allready referred to lootrank and yourself to

At this time all BS/LW/Engineering patterns can be brought or made for you its just a matter of how much.

Wicked axe of the plains is trainer pattern with all mats available on the AH.

If your looking at maxing out professions then I would say BS Hardest then LW'ing then Engineering. But i wouldnt recommend your first 70 be double producer, keep one gathering skill. Dont forget about pvp as a possible source of upgrades. My shaman alt is 68 and allready has 50k honored banked for 70. JC/Engineer for professions.

Ratshag said...

I farmed fer mats and forged meself a Planar Edge first thing after I hit 70. Ain't never regretted it. Ain't never replaced it. However, I already had me blacksmithing skill at 350, and that'd been one heckuva climb ta get to.

Engineering is a far sight cheaper to level than blacksmithing, and you might wanna take a look at the goggles (these is fer melee - ia also caster and healer ones too).

The PvP axe ya got is actually fer level 60. Currently you can get the S1 axe from battlegrounds, and improved versions from arenas. And is gonna get better when Deason 4 starts.

Another good sight fer planning gear be Kaliban's.

Best of lucks to ya Dammer. Lemme know I can do anything ta help.

Rakhman said...

Thanks for a nice list, it will give me something for aim for when/if I get around to building an Enhancement set. I'll keep my eye on it for sure.

I'd recommend making a similar list for enchantments, head inscriptions and shoulder inscriptions, I find such things make quite a noticeable difference. The EJ wiki of course has all this but they don't list the mats cost or reputations needed to get them.

Finally I've been messing with the Pawn addon which you can put stat weights into and it will show you a score for items in game. I'm quite lazy so its an easy way to compare things.

Stale said...

By the time you hit 70 dammy, just farm up some honor and get 2 of these... you will far out perform anyone who was 70 when BC first came out... and should do at least 500DPS even with all other LVLing gear or 70 blue/greens

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