Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One Looong Weekend

It's wonderful not working retail full-time. You actually get 3-day weekends without having to bargain your life away. Hurrah!

So, cute things that Orclette did this weekend:

1. learn to clap her hands just like her daddy
2. learn to shake her head "no" just like her daddy
3. take the empty soda bottle from me (I had been having fun bopping her gently on the head with it) and bopping herself a good few times
4. offered a choice between uncle and dad, she chose uncle. Ok, so that wasn't completely cute-if that had happened to me I would've cried.

And, things I did in WOW this weekend:

1. I got to 61! On Wulfa, alliance-side hunter. I was in the middle of a fight when the flashing golden light happened so I forgot to check how much xp I now needed for lvl 62. When I remembered to look I nearly fell off my chair. 574000-odd xp? So my goals had to change a bit. I can't push frenetically for 70 when I have to get that kind of xp. So, I'm going to enjoy the Outlands, take the time to look at the scenery, and play no other character until I get to 70. Although we did create a cool new guild on Drenden for our beloved orcs and our tauren-who-is-an-orc-at-heart friend so I'm going to spend a bit of time over there as well ..... And of course Pox .....
2. I PUGged this weekend. Not a big one, I just agreed to party with someone else. I have done this in the past and usually I join party, I say hello, they grunt, we kill what needs killing, they may remember to say thank you, and then I'm out of party. This time an actual conversation took place. I called myself a noob, he called himself a noob, etc. We quickly finished the quest and promised to call on the other if we needed help. 5 minutes later I got a tell-had I done this quest yet? I hadn't, so I ride off on my lovely, fast, (it's a purple shiny!) blue mount. Turns out I can't do that quest yet but I help anyway 'cause that's the decent thing to do. We kill everyone super-fast, again leave with joint promises of calling on the other for help, and I added him to my friends list. Restored my faith in humanity, that did. At least until the next dude comes up, wants to duel me, and when I say "I am logging out RIGHT NOW because my daughter woke up and is screaming!" he replies "WIMP! What a loser!"
3. I asked for help on a quest. I don't do that, outside of telling Dammy to get his butt over here now because I'm dying. I asked a guildie, who abandoned barbecuing to come help me. As soon as he arrives I aggro like 50 mobs and we DIED a HORRIBLE and EXCRUCIATING death! No, it was 5 mobs and we killed them, although I certainly would've bit the dust if I had been by myself. My point, aside from this being a first-time experience, is that I felt soooo nervous. And because of that I didn't act like the cool hunter that I am-I was actually rather more of a huntard. And I couldn't figure out why this would happen in a game. Nobody can see me (there is NO camera!), nobody can tell me to my face what a horrible job I did, so why would I be nervous? Can't quite figure that one out. Anyway, my guildie enabled me to quickly finish the quest (which had been frustrating me) and that was that.

Things that happened this weekend:

1. I wrenched my ankle while running. I will never be able to make fun of MO drivers who come to a stop whenever there are people walking on the side of the road because if there had been a car, it would've been messy .... but everyone's alright, my ankle is recovering, and I didn't go into work Sunday because it was so painful, so I actually got a 3-day weekend. Hate calling in to work. Hate it hate it. And that evening I kept having mini panic-attacks because I thought I had forgotten to go into work (this is not unprecedented- I forgot to attend a mandatory holiday meeting once).
2. We say Indiana Jones! It was awesome to actually see one for the first time in theaters, rather than watching re-runs. And they are scary if you're viewing them for the first time. Dammy didn't like the ending, but he doesn't like any of the endings, so that was actually a good thing (they don't go into greater detail but focus on the adventure part of the story which leaves Dammy feeling like something's missing). And Orclette had fun at her cousin's house and fell asleep without crying. Apparently she also said "momma" while she was there. I have yet to hear that. And that's all I have to say about that.
3. I had the single most frightening experience of my life. Orclette's cousin was holding her, sitting on the couch. The floor at the house we were visiting was concrete covered by the thinnest of carpets. Orclette was getting tired, and when she's tired she had a tendency to fling herself around. So she did that, young cousin wasn't expecting it, and I looked to see my daughter falling headfirst into the floor. Cousin caught her right before I did so she didn't touch the floor, but I'm still not fully recovered. And though it certainly wasn't the cousin's fault, no-one's touching my baby for a while. No-one told me about wanting to put your kids into a clean room not because they were driving you nuts but because you don't want anything to hurt them.

And I'm thinking that's it. My hands hurt from typing, my back is beginning to spasm a bit, my ankle is faintly throbbing. I sound old, don't I? Or just a well-seasoned athlete ....


Deathrender said...

I wouldn't worry about the xp jump. I noticed it too leveling my first toon above 60. It was shocking..but then, Outland quests were averaging 12K xp a crack plus the things I was killing to complete them. Trust me when I say, it goes by pretty well. Stick with it, you're in the home stretch! Btw, once you do hit 70, I think it's about 1.25 MILLION xp to get to 71 when WotLK hits.. :)

Pike said...

Jealous of the three-day weekends... arg retail =(

Nomakk said...

The pain of being a hunter. The one class that truly is guilty until proven innocent. You are a huntard until you prove otherwise...always. I think thats why we feel the pressure when we get around folks we know :)