Friday, September 19, 2008

On Focus

This is a braindump. Warning the thread -will- wander. I'm not gonna stop it.

On focus:

I like getting on and relaxing. I dislike getting on and feeling stressed.
While I don't mind raiding once or twice a month... I dislike being more scheduled than that.
I like pvp as it usually happens in quick short bursts that do not allocate a large portion of my time.
I don't mind spending ingame resources like gold/mats to obtain a goal but I'm very picky about my time-spent.
So I would say I'm an extremely casual, player who prefers a good battleground to a good instance.
I do not mind at all if everyone is raiding and I'm farming mats. I like farming mats :P.

For players like me, guilds with a strong focus are a two edged sword. On the one hand the guild focus makes it easy to choose what I'm doing tonight. On the otherhand I'm NOT a focused game player. I could be, but I'm not. I get on WoW... tinker around and get off. If my CoD4 CD wasn't scratched I'd likely spend just as much time running missions. If I could run pvp with a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard I'd spend all my time in battlegrounds(the mouse/keyboard combo and me hate eachother).

When awesomely smart people like GLDC and CGM start saying you need focus I start fidgeting. You inject too much focus into my WoW and I slide away. I don't mind if the rest of the Herd pickup the focus and run deep into the endgame. But I like my hazey WoW with its ambigious objectives.

Short term gaming. Get on, pick a quest/battleground/instance complete it. Get off. No signups and no schedules. I'm not a guild leader. I found that out in recent experiments. I also found out that I don't like sitting at the comp for more than say... two hours. I can play halo or CoD or Disgaia or NCAA football all day, but I can do WoW for about 2 hours before I start getting tired of it.

And you know... I like it that way. I don't need to be motivated to level. It is completely fine to just... log in and think hmmm what do I want to do today. Sometimes having a clear idea of what you want out of a game... is over thinking the game.

Now as a guild leader who wants the guild to grow and go somewhere... you HAVE to have a goal. Otherwise you just have everyone sitting around, and slowly those people who -want- to go places will leave.

But me? I don't care if I never make level 66. I play, because its fun. And because my CoD4 CD is scratched. Not that I've been thinking about that much. No not at all.


Auzara said...

No focus is a focus =P It's a don't require me to be on and do stuff when you tell me focus =) And from what I've read you're in the perfect guild for that.

Anonymous said...

Aww Dumm, don't be scared! You sound that you have a focus and that is to relax and enjoy it as it comes! That is what you want to do and that is perfectly legit! You have stayed true to that and it has made the game enjoyable to you. That is all you need, and that is what you hold on to, ;) See you already had a focus and didn't even know it!

Anonymous said...

crap! the A got misplaced with a U!!! sorry about that. I wish blogger would have an edit feature!
I fail.

Many sorries! Damm!!

Anonymous said...

*huggles the Damm*

Your play style is just like my Hubby's and it's 100% A-OK. I'm becoming more and more like him too!