Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Last Stands and Pretending to be Broccoli.

I like grim survivalist stories, no matter the setting. I like football games where players are dropping right and left and the score is low and the conditions are brutal. I like death marches where a group of soldiers cover incredible distances fighting off enemies the entire time. I like expiditions that find themselves trapped far from home and only a few make it back alive. I like heroic sacrifices where the few hold of the endless so that the many have time to escape/prepare. I like this.

I enjoy fights in wow where we lose people right and left but bring them back and barely win with just the tank a healer and a dps standing. I like fights where something goes wrong and and the fight takes 8 MINUTES on 5 corehounds but we eventually prepare. I even *shudder* enjoy AV fights that come down to winning by <10 reinforcements.

And I like settings and stories where this is prevelant. WAR40k, even though I despise the empire and their twisted emperor worship is a very very tasty setting where there is only endless struggle/war simply to survive. Xenon's march. Steven Erikson's books. The alamo. The battle of the bulge(I may have the wrong battle here but I'm thinking of the one in the snow in northern france/belgium where the germans made a big push and it failed to break through). The Japanese defense of the various pacific islands. Etc.

Hope of victory being a slimmer of a glimpse.

I really enjoy.

No point really to this rant I was just talking with my Uncle and found out that he doesn't like this kind of story and realized that I really do. I like grim but not gritty. Gritty is the tendance to display coarse rough characters. I don't like coarse anything. I don't like language in books or movies(it offends my delicate nature :P). I don't like sex scenes either(its an intensely private act and isn't something I like to read or see in a movie)*.

I don't like main characters who intentionally go out of their way to hurt others around them emotionally, its okay if the bad guy does it offscene I just don't want to watch/see it....and if I do watch/see it I want the bad guy dead. Very dead. The good guys better be decimating the bad guy afterwards. But I'd prefer not to see it.

I cannot watch/see suffering and enjoy a story. I might think wow, that was a well written book that shattered my heart. But I sure as heck won't read it again(if I even finish it), I won't recomend it and I won't list it as a favored book. C.S. Friedman had a few books like this. They were enrapturing books but in one in particular I was so pissed off at a character that I begged her silently to kill him somehow through out the series. Tess of the Dubervilles is another book like this. How I hate that book.

Bah the rant go away from me. I should re-write this but I'm short on time/energy so I'll just redirect. Prepare for abrupt change in topic:

Playing a druid: Pretending to be brocolli.
Nessingwary: Hunting isn't hunting if you don't kill 30 of each.
Lifebloom: About 3x shorter in duration than I want. Regrowth is where the good stuffs are.

Proof that people have different values than me: Somepeople dislike white damage being their main source of damage. They -LIKE- pressing buttons every 1.5 seconds or faster. *shiver*

Should I take every friday off in October? Or should I save my PTO "incase I need it". I feel like I'm pondering whether or not to use a potion/trinket.

Well thats all folks.

*I'm not claiming that sex scenes are not arrousing, that would be lying. I'm saying I find them distastful and dislike them in things I watch.


Dechion said...


You taste (from what I can tell) runs similar to mine. If you have not seen it I would reccomend The Lost Battallion. It was made for TV by A&E but was deserving of the theater in my opinion.

Take a look and let me know what you think. (link to the page for the movie follows)

Capn John said...

Two nights ago in EOTS we were losing to the Ally. They had three Towers, we had just one. We were about 4-500 points down, something like 100 to 600. They had about 8-900 points when one PO'd Hordie (who'd been complaining for most of the match up to that point) said "GG Nubs!" and /afk'd out.

We capped a second tower.

Then we capped a third.

Then we got control of the mid-field and began capping the Flag, and when it respawned we'd grab it and recap it again.

Even while keeping control of three Towers we put the pressure on the Ally's only tower and prevented them from rallying. If we did lose a Tower, it was because so many of their people on D had left to cap another Tower that we captured their first Tower and maintained our 3-1 advantage.

We went from a 3-1 disadvantage where we were losing by several hundred points, to turn the game around and win!

Last night I hit EOTS again. Ally gained control of 3 Towers, again, but we stayed in control of the Flag. We were losing, but very, very slowly. Armchair Generals were screaming at mid-fielders to forget the flag and cap more Towers.

We were down by quite a few points when we eventually grabbed a second Tower, but almost the whole time we kept control of the Flag. Ally were at 1,800, we were at maybe 1,000 or so. We capped a couple of flags. Ally were close to 1,900, we were only a few hundred points behind. We rushed an Ally Tower and after some fierce fighting they slowly lost control. It was still gray and fighting was still going on when we capped the Flag again.

By this time Ally needed about 10-20 points to win, while we needed 100 or so. The Flag seemed to take forever to respawn. Ally refused to give up (for once, good for them) and that Tower stayed Gray.

The Flag respawned and a Horde Warrior grabbed it. A Warrior??? We had Druids there! Why a Warrior?

Apparently he had a Sprint Pot, but
Ally got their 2K before we got the Cap.

Yes, we lost, but Ally must have been screaming at their Monitors during those last few minutes as we clawed our way back from what must have seemed certain defeat to almost, almost, but not quite snatch victory away from them.

It was beautiful. Yes, we lost, but it was such a close match, and it was an honor to fight alongside people who stubbornly refused to give in.

I've noticed that with Ally (at least in the Bloodlust BG Group, and I've played in that Group on both sides), when Horde get out in front, Ally (usually) roll over and let us have the win.

In my experience (from both sides of the field) Ally only win when they get in front early on, but as that first BG Report revealed, an early start is no guarantee of victory ;)


Sorry for the HUGE Comment :)