Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jumping up and down

If you are a guild member and you signed on recently you probably were accosted with "Hi! I'm 58! Look at me I'm in Outlands!" I was just a wee bit excited about Beo going through the Dark Portal :D

Already 59 thanks to Damm helping me with quests-it was actually very fun questing together. Resto druid and shadow priest seem to go very nicely together. I'm looking forward to more duo questing :D

I've been on a mission to get exalted with Darnassus so I can retire the elekk (and this is why I'm posting, I'm jumping up and down inside because ....)-I'm only 1K rep away! I've accomplished this through questing and cloth turn-ins. I'm not telling you how much gold I've spent on runecloth these past few days. About half the rep came from questing, half from cloth (I was already revered). I will probably not be able to resist buying one right away though the lvl 60 one is right around the corner ....

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